Is There a Way to Find My iPhone Tracking History
Is There a Way to Find My iPhone Tracking History

Which effective way to easily find My iPhone tracking history

Nowadays people are seen quite much addicted to the mobile phone that they are using and also they cannot think to survive a single moment without it. They are using it majorly for saving the private data especially the photos and videos that they take. This has become possible because of the existing of many new amazing applications. But losing the same phone that you use for various purposes is the scariest thing that you can face without knowing when it could take place with you. The best tool available for tracking history is TheTruthSpy and Google Maps.

Which effective way to easily find My iPhone tracking history
Which effective way to easily find My iPhone tracking history

If you are seeking the best tracking tool then surely you will face some difficulties. Now your search for the best tool finishes here. TheTruthSpy app is the right solution to your problem. It is the internet-based Smartphone tracking solution that is developed for all to know about various activities done on it. This app is compatible with all iOS versions introduced to date. This app works as an extra shield to protect the dearest one against all potential dangers.

The app can easily bring into line the data if the iPhone is switched on and is connected to the net connection. The app allows one to read the messages, see call history completely; see the stored photos & videos. To use it one has to create the user account and choose the best subscription plan. All subscription is offered by this app is affordable.

Why you can choose it to track your iPhone information

Get full access to the call logs TheTruthSpy app is designed using an advanced algorithm that allows one to access the call log details of the intended phone fully.

Read text messages Reading text is the priority of all hackers. TheTruthSpy app makes it simple for anyone to read anybody’s text.

To use the app you must get it installed from ( and create a user account. Just provide iCloud details and verify and get access to the iPhone.

Find iPhone tracking history unswervingly

To know about find my iPhone tracking history here is the another way to go. At first, you must hit on setting options and then scroll down and tap on the privacy option.

Now a privacy window will come out, hit on option location service. Once done with that you will be seeing all applications for the location service permission. Swipe to the page bottom and hit on system services. This will show you all system service that is utilizing the location tracking services.

Now scroll down and tap on option frequent location and you will see the location history. If you travel to different towns the location history will be dividing the list of the town. You can hit on town name and at geo-map, you will see all the places you headed into. You can hit on location to know the time in and out at the location. To delete you can clear history.


Now you have learned all about that so start now with it.


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