How to Check Someone’s Text Messages Online

How you can online test out someone’s text messages

In today’s time where the smartphone is at the reach of everybody’s hand, several reasons are there to continually keep a check on the text messages of an individual. For example, the mom and dad is there that would like to know with whom their children are talking and what talks are going on. Also, the husband or wife, girlfriend or boyfriend would like to know about the text messaging activity of their partner.

How you can online test out someone's text messages
How you can online test out someone’s text messages

In addition to that, the employers are also willing to keep a check on their employee’s text. And to keep a regular check on the text messages there are many Smartphone hacking tools created through which one can easily not only read text messages but can view entire Smartphone activities conducted.

TheTruthSpy – Best Free Phone Tracker

Yes, this is the cell phone hacking tool about which we were indicating you. Though there are many alternatives available but those cannot be compared with it. TheTruthSpy is considered nowadays as the best Smartphone hacking tool that is totally an internet-based tool and is compatible with all popularly used operating systems particularly iPhone and Android. This tool is a free text message tracker through which we can easily do hacking on the text messages. For many like parents, employer, spouse, friend it has become a true helping hand that in all situations is helping the one to figure out all that is taking place. A user can secretly do the monitoring of the text messages so that the target won’t be able to find out about being hacked.

TheTruthSpy - Best Free Phone Tracker
TheTruthSpy – Best Free Phone Tracker

TheTruthSpy is the superior hacking tool that is used for reading the text messages. It helps the user by collecting all the text whether send or received or even deleted. The app works well by getting deeper into the smartphone structure. All this is possible without keeping the phone closer.

Why TheTruthSpy is recommended

No jailbreaking or rooting

This application doesn’t want its users to undergo the process of target android phone rooting or iPhone jailbreaking. It works well without such needs. Rooting and jailbreaking is like breaking the seal and it can result in making phone prone to the security attack.

Fast and trouble-free setup

TheTruthSpy is having a super setup wizard. It does entire work by own when setup into the target person device. The whole process of setting up takes a few minutes only based upon how speedy is your internet is. The best thing is that you don’t have to run coding or any programming to run it.

Online dashboard

You need not have to worry about where to get all the extracted details from the target phone. The application is featured with an online dashboard that stores the details of all types of cell phone actions done by the suspect. In fact, a user can log in to the TheTruthSpy account from any browser and in any device like laptop, PC or Smartphone and read it.

Features offered

  • SMS and text messages reading
  • Call logs and phonebook viewing
  • Media files hacking
  • Location tracking
  • Social apps viewing
  • SIM card change notification
  • KeyLogger

The end

If you are interested in using it, get the app from its official site ( and implement your hacking process.


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