How to Catch Employees Who Take Days-Off with Lame Excuses

As a boss, allowing leave to an employee is a very important decision as doing so may pull you behind your target. But at same time you cannot ignore a serious reason to take leave. It happens many times that the employees take the day off by giving lame and false excuses. But the problem is that how to differentiate between faulty and genuine excuse? As an employer you might need the workers and give them leave for a lame reason can be really upsetting. But now, there are various options available with the help of which you can catch employees who take days-off with lame excuses.

How to Catch Employees Who Take Days-Off with Lame Excuses
How to Catch Employees Who Take Days-Off with Lame Excuses

Some of the excuses that employees give

It is very easy for the employees to put fake excuses and take leave from work. Most of the times, they give the excuse of their family member being sick. The vehicle being out of order etc. moreover putting a fake doctor’s note is not a big deal for them. These reasons may have ground realities but many times these are fake, and it becomes difficult to differentiate between the two. In order to overcome these problems, it becomes important to catch the employee giving false excuse.

How to Catch Employees

Primarily you can use the traditional methods to know whether the employee is lying or not. Some of the traditional techniques include:

  • Ask another employee– you can crosscheck the truth by asking other employees. You can also hire an employee to bring all the important news to you. In this way, you can make sure and know if the employee is lying or saying the truth.
  • Cross check– you can call at the related place to cross check whether the excuse is right or wrong.

However, this method of catching employees is very tedious and ineffective. Doing this may also reduce the morale of the employee, and it may build a negative impact in his mind. Therefore these unproductive methods are generally not used anymore. To cope with this problem, various technological solutions have come up in past few years. One of the most effective ways is by using a monitoring application to monitor the employees who come up with fake excuses to take leave. TheTruthSpy application is one of the most trusted and most effective monitoring and spying application present today.

How can TheTruthSpy help you?

When you hire an employee and provide him a handsome salary and other valuable perks, then this is the duty of the employee to understand his responsibility towards the organization. Many employees do not do that and to monitor such people; it is important to use monitoring applications. You have to install this application on the device of your employee and set it according to the instruction. After that, you can make use of unlimited features it provides. Some of its features are call recording, GPS tracking, message tracking, ambient listening, internet usage information, tracking social media sites and much more. To catch the employees who take days-off with lame excuses, TheTruthSpy can provide you with the best results.


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