Can you spy on WhatsApp Messages

Summary: WhatsApp is the widely used messenger app these days and you might be wondering whether it will be possible to spy on the messages sent and received through this app. Here is the answer.

Nowadays, it is hard to find people, who have not heard about WhatsApp. Yes, it is a messenger service that is called as a cross-platform mobile messaging application. This application permits the users to exchange messages without having to spend on SMS. This application is available for different platforms of smartphones like Android, BlackBerry, Windows phone, iPhone, etc.

Even, if you and your friend use phones with varied operating system like if yours is Android and your friend own a Windows phone, both of you can message each other. The reason is that this application makes use of the same internet data plan that you use for internet and email. This application allows people to stay in contact with their friends without paying anything for sending messages. Not just basic messages, the users of this application can enjoy the facility of creating groups, can send each other unlimited images, videos and they can also share audio messages as well.

WhatsApp is creating concern for some people:

When this application is turning out to be highly useful particularly for youngsters to share files and messages with their friends, it creates a great deal of concern to their parents. Not just parents, but many employers are also concerned whether their employees are not concentrating on work during work hours and are sharing files and messages with their friends. Even some employers are concerned whether their official data is leaked by employees through WhatsApp and similar messaging service.

Solution for parents and employers:

Parents can spy on WhatsApp messages to make sure that their kid is safe and with such an application called as TheTruthSpy, the users will be in a position to enjoy the following features:

  • They can view all the chat conversations made in WhatsApp
  • They can find out the name and the number of people to whom the user of the phone has been chatting with
  • In addition, they will be in a position to get time and data stamps to know when the chat took place
  • They will be able to get access to any audio, video and photos sent/received through WhatsApp and saved on the target smartphone
  • All the WhatsApp conversations can be viewed with the help of TheTruthSpy control panel through any device with internet connection.

Benefits of spying application:

As mentioned earlier, WhatsApp is widely used these days and youngsters, particularly teenage children are using this application widely and it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that their teenage son or daughter goes in the right path and does not get any porn related videos through WhatsApp. When they have spying application on their son/daughter’s phone, parents can be rest assured that the teenage child is safe and using WhatsApp only for usefulness and not for any wrong things.


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