What a Boss Should Never Say to an Employee

In any firm, it is very important to maintain a boss to employee and employee to employee relationships. This is very much important because this decides the future of the enterprise in the market. No one wants to make business relation with a company which does not have good relations with the boss and employees in the company premises.

What a Boss Should Never Say to an Employee
What a Boss Should Never Say to an Employee

This topic has been discussed, many times on various media platforms, and many business meetings. This article will help you in making things clear about the boss and employee relations. Being a boss you have a responsibility to maintain your team relations with great bonding and making things clear to everyone in your team. So this article from TheTruthSpy could prove to be very useful for all the bosses worldwide.

Do not say: “I am giving you a salary. You have to do things according to what I say.”

One can easily catch the attitude of this sentence. This is one of dictatorial statement that shows that you are ordering your slave. But these days in co-operate world, everyone carry’s self-respect, and this statement to an employee can hurt his self-esteem. A good leader always inspires to all the employees and makes their employees better every time to improve their work and loyalty towards the company. A great executive always led with inspiring, teaching, encouraging, helping nature and also many times serving the employees. They do not make them follow their employees by threatening them and by giving such statements.

Never say: “You are very lucky to get this bonus, other companies only give cups on festivals.”

You are providing a bonus to all the employees, and this bonus came into existence just because your employees have done a great work and earned a profit for your firm. Employees can compare things from the other companies, but you cannot compare your enterprise with other, because there are many such perks that they may provide to their employees, and you are not doing so. There could be many reasons for not comparing things, from other firms.

You never say: “You are stupid, the worst worker ever.”

When someone is angry about something, then he speaks things that do not seem civilized. But a boss is at a higher position and he has many employees that are under his positions, so he has to think before saying anything. A boss should never forget that the employee is capable of the post he is holding, that the only reason he is holding that position in your firm. So you need to think before what you say to your employ, and a boss should make him correct and if he is angry could give him a warning, but he does not have any right to say these words to any of the employees.


In the end, a manager should need to think before saying anything to his employees, and also he also need to keep in mind his responsibilities for his employees. A boss needs to do everything in a boss way because he has to keep the reputation of his position in his firm.


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