Summary: Even though, some people do actually have the need for using cell phone spying application, they have a doubt about the legality of the app.

Before they invest on cell phone spying software, most people, particularly most employers get a doubt as to whether spying is legal and whether the application they invest on is a legal product. When it comes to answering this question, there is no short answer for it. But, if you want short answer, the answer is yes, but as long as you own the device and the person on whose phone or computer you use it is fully aware of the same. If you wish to get into more details about the legal aspect of cell phone spying, read on to learn more:

First thing to remember:

The first and foremost thing you will have to remember when you are planning to use such an application like TheTruthSpy is that every country has its own laws pertaining to this subject. Even, these laws differ from one state to another in the same country. So, if you think that when you use such an application, you will be breaking the law, it is better to understand about the local privacy laws prevailing in your place, so that you can understand about the charges if any you will face for using such an application. In addition, there are moral factors to consider and of course, the reason for which you are planning to use such an application is the first thing to consider.

Legitimate use:

The fact you will have to remember at this juncture is that most people and businesses make use of such an application for entirely legitimate uses like parental control and for child safety, while businesses use it for ensuring the safety of their data and assets and also for improving employee productivity. The thing to remember here is that the big part of users of such application constitutes spouses, who wish to spy on their better half to find whether he/she is cheating.

Legal uses of spying application:

The first and foremost thing to remember here is that it is completely legal for a software developer like TheTruthSpy for creating and marketing mobile monitoring software. Legal problems occur only on the basis of the way in which a buyer decides to use the application. Even though, the privacy laws differ from one country to another, the general rule is that you must be the owner or at least be the bill payer of the phone or computer that you wish to monitor. In addition, it is important that when you plan to monitor your employees, you should inform that their activities are being monitored.

Common legal ways to use:

The two common legal ways of using a cell phone spying tool are:

  • Monitoring your kid’s mobile phone and
  • Monitoring the mobile phones that you have issued to your employees in the name of your company.

As due parental control is your primary duty as a parent, it is also important that you will have to inform your kids that they are being monitored. You can check the legal use page at the website of TheTruthSpy.


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