Best Real Time Location Tracking Apps For Android and iOS Devices

Real-Time Location Tracking Application for Android and iPhone Devices

Every person is willing to know whether their dearest one is safe or not. Whether a spouse or kids, it is essential for a person to know the current location of the friends or family. This will surely whereabouts of the suspect to the hacker and also know whether are they in trouble or not.

Real-Time Location Tracking Application for Android and iPhone Devices
Real-Time Location Tracking Application for Android and iPhone Devices

By taking the help of current time location tracing tool, a user can make it easily happen and that too in the right way. In order to help you out, here in the article, we have listed a few best locations tracking app for Android and iPhone device.

If your friend or family members are using iPhone and Android device, then with the help of below-listed tracking tools you can access the current time location.

#1 TheTruthSpy

#1 TheTruthSpy
#1 TheTruthSpy

If you are in search of the perfect current time location tracking app for Android and iPhone device then surely TheTruthSpy App will be the right choice. It is compatible easily with the top leading versions of Android and iOS device that can be used to know whereabouts of a person. A user can access the destinations that suspected has visited. Also obtaining the crucial details becomes easier. One can get access to call logs, WhatsApp, keylogger, photos, messages, contacts, social site etc.


  • It is providing the current time location of the suspected person device
  • It is working effectively in hidden mode
  • It is providing full access to the device social site activities and other essential things.
  • It is having Internet-based interface that through remotely can be accessed.

#2 Google map

#2 Google map
#2 Google map

If you are having access to the Google account of the suspected person device, then using Google map will be best for knowing the device location. It can be used for obtaining record about the user’s older locations on a yearly and monthly basis.


  • The location sharing feature is available that helps a user in sharing whereabouts with friend and family
  • There is a seamless integration with other services of Google
  • It is having the timeline for the places that a person has visited earlier

#3 AppSpy

#3 AppSpy
#3 AppSpy


AppSpy created Tracking tool name AppSpy Free GPS tracker in order to make the location sharing practice social. After the app has installed on family members device, accessing each one’s location will be a lot easier within a single tap over the device.


  • It is providing access to current time location of all other people
  • It is for the circle is having in-app messaging feature
  • It is totally private as well as 100% secured software

#4 PhoneSpying

This is a parental control tool that is created by PhoneSpying Ltd technology a top ranking software developer. This tracking tool is offering many useful features that will help a user in tracking the device conveniently from anywhere. A user can install the app without undergoing device rooting.


  • It is offering current time location tracking with the detail of locations
  • The app easily blocks and monitors all the application and unwanted sites
  • With geo-fencing it sets safe perimeter.
  • It allows a user in filtering all sites with its contents.
  • The screen time tracking and controlling is a lot useful

#5 Find my iPhone

This tracking tool feature is used for the purpose of locating the stone or lost device. If you are aware of the Apple ID and password of the targeted person, then locating them using its interface. The find my iPhone dashboard from the iCloud website can be accessed. It comes with many basic features that will help a user in getting all details about the activities of the suspected person.


  • This tracking tool can be remotely accessed.
  • It rings users device and also erases content trough remotely
  • It is having integration with iCloud

#6 NetSpy

If you are seeking for the best real-time current location tracking app the taking help of NetSpy that will come handy. A concerned parent can use the app in order to know how the kids are using provided phone gaining all info about calls, SMS, WhatsApp, social sire activity etc.


  • The Internet-based dashboard can be easily accessed via remotely
  • There is a comprehensive record of the past location of the device
  • It is working effectively in hidden mode

#7 TrackMyPhone

The TrackMyPhone is another best popular tracking tool that allows one in getting the unparallel access to the activity and data of the suspected person. Similar to the other tracking tool this doesn’t require jailbreaking for getting the real-time location and no doubt the app will be working flawlessly.


  • The tool is providing extensive access to the suspected person device activity as well as content
  • The dashboard can easily be accessed through anywhere
  • It is not going to get detected by the targeted person

#8 FreePhoneSpy

Similar to the other spying tool this tracking tool is providing the exact current location of the targeted device without getting easily traced. It can be used for accessing the device crucial data and activity of social sites. There is no need for undergoing device jail-breaking.


  • It is having an Internet-based dashboard that one can get access from anywhere
  • It isn’t detected easily by the targeted person
  • The application is providing an extensive record of the past location of the device.


Now you know about few good spyware for tracking the real-time location of iOS and Android device for meeting all desires of the hacker. Out the listed options, it is better that you choose TheTruthSpy app for tracking over the device of the targeted person. It is available for all platforms particularly for iPhone and Android and works effectively in hidden mode. A user can easily all the essential details that are related to the targeted person device on the dashboard and that without easily getting traced. Just go to the official site using and get it now in own device and continue to spy effectively.


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