Best Employee GPS Tracking App for Android

Learn Best Employee monitoring App for Android

Did you ever get the feeling like someone is watching your moves at work? If yes, then it may be true. About half of the companies and industries make use of spying or monitoring tool to record the movements or actions of their employees. These tools can even help employers predict the mental state of their employees. In this post, we have given details about the best employee real-time GPS tracker tool for the android phone.

Learn Best Employee monitoring App for Android
Learn Best Employee monitoring App for Android

What is a spy tool?

This is software which is used for monitoring on the mobile of the target person. Using this software you can see the real-time location of the target person’s device. When you make use of this software then you have full control over the target device without their knowledge. Some of the things a good spy tool offers are-

100% privacy– a spy app must provide privacy to the user and must not leak the information or share it with the third party without the permission of that person.

100% undetectable– a spy app must be completely hidden and should not be detectable by the target person.

100% virus-free– a spy app must be tested for viruses, if it contains a virus then it will damage your system. Hence, a spy app should be virus-free.

Compatible– a spy app must be compatible with the target device then only you can spy on them.

Best customer support– in case you face any difficulty in spying, a spy app customer support center must help you.

Several features– there should be a number of features offered by the spy app.

The software which possesses all the above attributes is known as the best spy tool. This tool can be used to spy on the employees. You can keep a close eye on the activity of the employee and understand the behavior of an employee. If your employee says that he/she is sick and admitted in hospital then using this app you can find out where is your employee, whether he/she is really in a hospital or simply sleeping in the house.

TheTruthSpy – Free GPS Tracker

TheTruthSpy – Free GPS Tracker

Many spy tools contains the GPS tracker feature which is one of the most useful features in any spy app. This GPS tracker locates the target mobile and lets you know the name of the place where he/ she is present. You can see the real-time movements of the target person using GPS tracker.

When we talk about the best GPS tracker the first name which comes on the list is- TheTruthSpy. TheTruthSpy is the spy tool which offers a number of interesting features. In order to make use of this tool user have to install it in their device and their target phone. You can send the email or SMS containing the fake link on target phone which when clicked by the target, the spy app automatically starts downloading in it.

As soon as the software is downloaded in the target phone it gets hidden in the background. Then the user needs to open the spy app and make the user account on this app. This user account is actually is the control panel which is used to monitor or control the target mobile.

Features of TheTruthSpy

The user can look at every activity of target mobile by using TheTruthSpy. Some of the activities of target mobile which you can monitor are as follows-

Call recording– target mobile whenever makes a call or receive a call then call recordings are made and all the conversation gets recorded. Sound quality is high so the user can understand easily that to whom the target person is talking.

SMS spy SMS messages including bank SMS, company or other SMS can be monitored. The SMS chats get recorded with the details like name, number, time, date. You can also monitor MMS using TheTruthSpy.

Multimedia files spy– multimedia files including photo, video, audio, etc can be monitored easily. All the details of the files are recorded. You can also see the encrypted files and folder and its content. This content can also be downloaded in your phone using this app.

WhatsApp spy– instant messenger chats like WhatsApp chats can be monitored and recorded easily using TheTruthSpy. This app also records the WhatsApp calls, media files, video calls, and other details remotely and sends to your control panel.

GPS tracker– as told before, this app records real-time movements of target mobile. you can open the map and see where is the target person.

Browser history spy– browser content like URLs or websites visited by the target person can be recorded. You can see time and date stamp along with these contents and know which mostly visited URLs is. The user is also offered the option of blocking URLs. So, if you don’t want your employees to visit certain URLs then you can use this option.

Keylogger– phone passwords can be easily recorded using keylogger. Keylogger also helps you to record the social media account’s passwords. So, passwords of instagram, snapchat, etc, of target person can be known by using this feature.

Ambient listening– when you are not in the office but you wish to know what your employees are discussing at that time just use this feature. You can listen to live conversation of your employees using ambient listening feature.

Benefits of TheTruthSpy

These are the activities of the employees which you can record using TheTruthSpy. Employers who make use of this monitoring tool can know if their employees are working sincerely or simply wasting time. If the employees are making wrong use of their phone like they are clicking the company’s project details and sending it to competitors then you can know about it using spy app.

Also, if the employers are criticizing about the boss, then you can record their conversation. You can know what they think about you and what they do when you are not around. So, overall we can say that TheTruthSpy is a spy tool which reveals all the truth of person.

This app can monitor 2-3 devices at a time and it is very easy to use it. So, you need not to possess coding skills or spying skills in order to spy on your employees. You just have to download this app and follow the steps as given in the guide in order to spy on a phone of your employee. Here we have mentioned the official link of TheTruthSpy-( you can go and download this app.

This is not only an employee monitoring app but it also lets you monitor on your kids or spouse. This app lets you keep eye on kids and partners. When you keep eye on them then you can protect them from any kind of problem. Also, if your partner is depresses or tensed due to some reason, you can know the reasons behind it.


It must be noted that spy app works through internet. So if you have a good internet speed then you can continuously monitor on target person without facing any problem. But if you don’t have good internet speed then it may hinder the performance of spy app.

When using TheTruthSpy, make sure you read its privacy policy and terms. You can know a lot about the app from its site. After you read all the details you can start using it. You will be satisfied with the results it provides and you will come to know a lot about your employee using this software. Go and use TheTruthSpy today!


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