Best 10 Call Tracker Apps for Android and iPhone

Best 10 Call Tracker Apps for Android and iPhone
Best 10 Call Tracker Apps for Android and iPhone

The Best 10 Call Tracker Applications for Android and iPhone

In the row of food, shelter, and cloth, the mobile phone has become one of the basic needs of people as well. Without, it one cannot imagine his or her life. Yes, it is true. You can yourself see people staying in touch with their cell phone 24×7 even if they are not getting any calls or messages then still keep it in their pocket. Are they mad? No, the mobile phone has changed the perspective of the people and it allows them to capture beautiful moment spend with the loved ones and friends. The device is full of applications that can entertain the user. On the other hand, it can harm people as well. How?

The Best 10 Call Tracker Applications for Android and iPhone
The Best 10 Call Tracker Applications for Android and iPhone

It is a universal fact that where there is a good there is a bad as well. You cannot think of advantages without any disadvantage. Same goes with the mobile phone even if it helps in executing most of the task it to have disadvantages that can harm people. This might be going over your head but as you read the article you get to know why it is so. Most of the communication got held through the calls so most of the fraud and mess happens via it. Calls got made in the tremendous amount on a daily basis and so there are huge chances your kid or spouse might fall in traps from fraud companies.

You can intercept entire call history through phone tracker. It is able to track all the calls accurately and precisely. Phone tracker is highly useful for parents, employer, and partner. You can keep an eye over your loved ones and locate their position whenever they are out. Moreover, a partner can go to the next level through secure and safe tracking using the modern advanced tool. This way, you can catch your spouse if you find him or her cheating.

The tracker is capable of operating various tasks such as tracking calls, videos, and messages. Therefore, I have provided a list of the best ten call tracker applications for Android and iPhone. You just have to analyze each one of those as per your necessity and budget and then have it on your device.

Top 10 call tracker with best review

TheTruthSpy The most reliable and safest application in the market is TheTruthSpy. It is not only capable of monitoring messages, videos, social media chats, live calls, and images but also capable of tracking all sorts of devices activities. This cell tracker has got admirable reviews from the existing users and it has got a rating as 5/5. The advanced features make the functioning of the application more functional. It has got the highest rank among all other spying tools. It gives off information and data straightaway from the target cell phone. The data achieved is accurate and precise on the latest happenings. It has a user-friendly parental control panel that allows you to keep the record of all the data or information in a well organized and manageable manner.

FreePhoneSpy- the app has got popularity due to its excellent features and pace speed. It is free and works awesomely on Android, iPhone and other devices as well. It can efficiently track the activities of the kid spouse or employee with tons of features. The app offers a remarkable service with an updated version and this is how you can know about the whereabouts of the kid or spouse every time they make a move.

XySpy- The official or authentic site allows you to download and install the app on to your device. It has been one of the effective and popular monitoring software since its launch. It has served millions of users worldwide through offering a list of features. The most famous one is the GPS location tracking. It can precisely bring off information from target device like calendar app, message, and calls. The application is highly affordable and you can try the basic version. But first, you get to make an account so that all the tracked information can be easily saved on to your control panel. It allows you to check all the data by comparing different application options.

FoneTracker- another excellent and reliable application in the market is FoneTracker. It can easily track your suspect very well and map him or her on your device. You can obtain real-time location information. It gives real-time information based on the current happening of the suspect. The customer reviews will tell you about the proper functionally of the app. the application is not costly and it could be your first and foremost choice when buying a tracker. Another factor that makes it more reliable and trustworthy is its free trial version offering.

Mobistealth- The Mobistealth is capable of tracking all the device no matter whether it iPhone or Android, it can efficiently track happenings. The app or tool is best known for GPS location tracking and call tracking. Using a conventional method could be harmful as it brings various disadvantages. The techniques used by the third party application are awesome and it takes signals from the radio tower. It doesn’t lack features that bring additional information from the target device. It is surely a worthy app that offers advanced features as well.

Spy bubble– another renowned and leading application in the industry of spying is spy bubble. The primary aim of this application is to monitor suspect device activities like calls, and text messages. It can monitor activities like IM chat reading, call spying and email spying as well. In addition to this, the app can be operated well on iPhone, Android, and nook. The advanced features are not at all expensive and can be obtained at a considerable price. The quality of service is high and the user can experience real spying journey. You will spy on your kid, employee or partner.

Spyera– one of the popular anti-theft application available till date is spirea. This cell phone tracker can peep into the suspect cell phone just like a spying agent and radar all the happenings on to the suspect device. The messages send or received from the suspicious device can be tracked. You can first make use of the free version of it and then buy the premium version so that you won’t find any difficulty in operating the features.

Spyzie– the application that comes at the eight positions is Spyzie. It can effectively absorb data or information from suspect Smartphone. The online account created by the user can be used to save all the data or information related to the suspect. You can gather information from Facebook messages, WhatsApp messages, and other URL visited by the suspect. It has got average reviews but for the beginners, it is best. It works quite well.

PhoneSheriff– Phonesheriff comes at the ninth position when it comes to spying on calls for iphone and Android devices. It is considered one of the fastest and reliable applications that have the ability to track not only calls but also messages and location. The application offers various features that can be counted on the list. It can be used by top employers and spouse for finding the suspicious person. Phonesheriff works in stealth mode that means the suspect will never ever come to identify your spying techniques.

Highster mobile– This application offers minimal features and has got the tenth position. It is undetectable and can control the suspect activity easily through safety features.


You can visit the official site of all the applications and then make a decision which app will meet your demand the best.


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