Which Is The Best Application For Monitoring Android

Summary: Nowadays, mobile monitoring applications are gaining popularity and if you are confused which is the best, here is the answer.

If you are looking for the best application to monitor an Android phone of your employee or kid, you can compare the many such programs available in the market. Reviews state that TheTruthSpy software can be the best choice because of its excellent features. This program will provide you with the ability to remotely record all the phone calls made and received on the mobile phone that you wish to monitor.

What other things you can get from TheTruthSpy?

With this application features like call recording, voice call recording, spy call recording can be enjoyed by the user. With this application, you can:

  • Record not just incoming, but also outgoing calls from the intended phone.
  • If you are concerned about repeated calls from and to a specific unknown number, you can choose to record calls only from and to that number.

The great thing about this application is that all the call recordings will be uploaded to the online control panel that you can access from anywhere just with the help of internet connection. You will be provided with the option to download the recorded contents to your system or you can also just listen to the recorded content straight from the control panel at your convenient time.

Why are these features essential in a mobile monitoring application?

If you are wondering what someone is talking on the phone and particularly if you are an employer, who has supplied your employees with mobile phone for workplace usage, you might be having this sort of worry. Not just employers, parents with teenage kids have this sort of worry. When you are able to listen to their calls with the recording feature of the best mobile monitoring application, you can be rest assured that everything is going in the right manner. Just with the help of internet access, you can get access to the control panel at TheTruthSpy application. You can just login to the control panel to listen to the recorded content.

What other features apart from call recording facility?

Apart from call recording facility, TheTruthSpy application also has another excellent feature called as auto answer. With this feature, you can just activate the microphone on the target phone and can listen to the sounds of the surrounding area. This will help you in identifying the whereabouts of your kid or employees. For instance, if you are sending your employee on duty to a particular spot, you can just get to know whether he is spending the time optimally for work purpose and not visiting any places for personal purpose. With this feature, you can listen to the surroundings live.

Besides these features, TheTruthSpy application is stated to be the best application for monitoring Android phone because it has many other features like text spying, view of photos and videos captured, facility to track internet browsing history, etc.

So, if you are looking for a spying application, you can very well rely on this application.


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