The Benefits of a GPS Tracker and Spy App in One

GPS phone tracking is a technology used for tracking the movement of cell phone. This technology is extensively used by logistics companies to trace the movement of shipments. With this technology spying software companies are able to track the movement of their children, employees, spouses or friends. You will be able to spy on them without the person knowing about it. There is a dual advantage of the phone not just getting tracked but also spied. You will get a holistic view of what all things are happening in that phone. The GPS technology will let you know about the whereabouts of the phone and spying technology will tell about the activities like calls, sms, chats etc done through the phone.

You can take a complete control of the activities of your targeted person with TheTruthSpy which one such company who is into the business of making spying software’s. It has got quality products and delivers quality service. The spying software needs to be installed in the targeted device. After 15 minutes, all the data related to the phone such as the location of the phone, activities done through the phone etc can be accessed through the control panel. Installation does not take more than a few minutes.

TheTruthSpy is compatible with iPhone and Android phones. There are minimal charges of this software. There are different plans, lowest one starting from $16.99 per month. It is worth investing in TheTruthSpy as it provides dual benefit of phone tracking and spying. So you can be sure about your kids being safe at any point of time as the location of the phone can be traced and also their activities get checked. You can take charge of any difficult situation before it goes out of control.

TheTruthSpy offers 48 hours’ free trial offer for you to get acquitted with the software. You can install the software and try it for free for 48 hours. There are videos on the website – which can guide you to install the software. The installation process is very simple.

Spying software’s gives detailed information if your phone gets lost. You get to see the latest location of the phone through the control panel. Along with location, you can get to know the journey of the phone once it is lost. Through these software’s you can get to know the service type (GSM/CDMA), Operator, exact location in terms of latitude and longitude of the phone etc.

The second benefits of spying software is the recording of activities like calls, sms, chats etc of the targeted phone. All the data from the phone gets transmitted through internet to a server where it gets recorded. This can be accessed as per your convenience. In the spying apps, you get notifications on your phone for any new data which gets uploaded in the system. Some phones come with pre-installed app through phones can be tracked. You can remotely lock the phone and erase any confidential data if the phone gets lost.


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