9 Ways to Hack Phone Password on Android

Get the 9 Easy Ways to hack someone’s Phone Password on Android

In this piece of article, we will get to know some best tricks for hack android phone’s passwords or patterns. Well, the majority of civic use passwords, patterns, and numbers to shield their data from phones, but a few times they forget their passwords and this leads to face many problems. In that situation, it becomes hard for them to remind the password or unlock the phone either. Thus, if you have confusion that if you fail to remember your password or pattern any day and you are willing to know that how to hack password on android, then you are at the best place.

Get the 9 Easy Ways to hack someone's Phone Password on Android
Get the 9 Easy Ways to hack someone’s Phone Password on Android

Here, we will let you know about different ways and the best applications for unlocking your cell phone.

Well, using those applications you can easily hack the password of your children android and get to know what he does all day when you are at home with him. The same case applies to partners or employers. Partners can easily use spying or password hacking applications to know whether their spouse is cheating on them or not. Employers can even know whether their employees leaking out some personal talks of their company or not.

Part 1: Use TheTruthSpy Free KeyLogger

Part 1: Use TheTruthSpy Free KeyLogger
Part 1: Use TheTruthSpy Free KeyLogger

This is one of the best and easiest ways to Hack Phone Password on Android as compared to others. Well, the mentioned above ways are good and reliable when it comes to hacking someone’s device password but if you use TheTruthSpy Software, you get some additional or advanced features with. All you have to do is visit the link https://app.thetruthspy.com and download and install the software. Make sure, the software is being downloaded from your and victim’s device properly.

After downloading the application in victim’s device, you can hide application icon so that he/she never come to know about it. Now, register your account and submit some personal details about you like username, the contact number of the person you want to hack and else. You also need to choose the name of the device you want to hack. Now, everything means all the details regarding your victim’s phone will be on your control panel. Congratulations! Now you are ready to reach the victim’s device.

Download at: TheTruthSpy Hidden KeyLogger

Part 2: The effective and simplest way to hack phone password on android

If you are in search of the best application in order to hack phone password or lock of an android device then you will explore a large number of different applications. But you should use the best hacking software; if you are willing to learn how to hack someone’s android password without letting them about it then we would like to suggest you get the iSkysoft toolbox. Yes, it is an amazing application which aids you to unlock all kinds of passwords. Well, the iSkysoft toolbox is offering you a free tutorial version and you can once try this tool in order to know how to hack someone’s phone password. The tool will successfully fix up the sullied files of your Android device.

Get iSkysoft Toolbox at: https://toolbox.iskysoft.com/

Look at these steps to hack password on Android through the iSkysoft toolbox

  • First of all, you need to install the toolbox on your android device and post establishing the toolbox tap over ‘lock screen removal’ choice.
  • Now you require connecting your android device with PC via data cable. Then, a notification will come up and see the ‘I agree with the am ready and a warning to proceed’ box and to start the hacking press the button ‘starts.
  • For downloading method in the iSkysoft toolbox, you need to switch off your device by clicking the button power, home and volume down switched, concurrently. Later on, switch the button ‘volume’ to download mode.
  • Hit the button’ start’ and downloading will start automatically. All passwords from the device will be eradicated once the software is downloaded on your gadget and now you can begin using an android device

Part 3: Use Google “find my device” trait

To hack phone patterns on an android device, you can also use Google’s ‘find my device’. This trait is connected with your account via Google through which you can use to hack any android’s password.

Follow these steps-

  • The application of Google’s ’find my device’ must be installed on your android device if you are willing to use its traits. You need to press on ‘lock’ choice
  • Once press the button ‘lock’ choice, enter your password to replace the earlier password. Type the new password at least for a two time and then press the button ‘lock’ to again change the password.

Download Fine My Device at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.adm&hl=en

Part 4: Use Samsung “find my mobile” option

This is another best feature on Samsung to hack the password on android and for this; you must have a Samsung account. Now, it’s time to logged-in in your Samsung’s account and click the button ‘lock my screen’. Type a new password and then click the button ‘enter’. Now, you can use your device within a few minutes.

Part 5: Use pattern password disables

You can hack anyone‘s passwords by disabling, however they make for their phone’s security. And if you have no idea how to know their password and follow these mentioned below steps.

  • Download the zip file on the memory card of your device by the computer and after downloading, put in the memory card again in your device
  • Now, reboot your Android device in recovery mode and flash a zip file later on’
  • Now, again you need to restart an android device and after this password is disabled
  • Congratulations, you can use the android phone

Though, if you are still getting a choice to put a password to unlock the device then there is no requirement to worry about that. You can utilize any random pattern to reach the android device, and now as the earlier pattern is disabled.

Part 6: use factory reset

With the mentioned above methods, you can easily unlock or hack the password, pattern or PIN of any device without damaging or deleting any data in the device. In case of a factory reset, the data accumulated in the android device will be trashed. If you aren’t tensed about any data accumulated in the device and you just need to reach the phone by cutting the password, you can easily perform a phone’s factory reset.

A few steps to follow-

  • All you need to do is turn off the android phone to begin the process
  • Now, press and hold the power and at the same time press the button ‘volume down’. It will exhibit you a boot loader menu on android phone’s screen
  • To access the recovery mode, hit the button two times and then click the power button
  • By using the button ‘volume’ shift to ‘factory reset’ choice and choose it by using the power button
  • After completing all the process, you can reach the phone and click the button reboot system

Part 7: Boot into safe mode

Well, booting into a safe mode is a very easy way if you want to hack the password of any person app of an Android device.

In order to boot an android device to safe mode, you need to press the button ‘power’ for a long time. And it will provide you a choice ‘restart to safe mode’, so tap on ‘ok’. Now, it will disable the pattern or password the victim’s app temporarily. It’s time to uninstall the victim’s application and once you do so, restart an android phone to get it to a standard mode from safe mode. Now, you are ready to reach the android device without any password.

Part 8: Use forgot pattern trait

This is also the easiest way to hack someone’s Android device password. This trait is present on all Android phones by default. And you will view this trait once you have attained the wrong password. It will show you up a notification as a 30-second warning. Now, continue reading the below mentioned steps-

  • Press the button ‘forgot pattern’ on the notification window
  • To unlock the screen, you have to give an answer to a security query or you have to use the Google login information which was utilized to established an android device
  • The Google will now send an email with the latest pattern and unlock the device

Part 9: Use ADB to delete the password

There are numerous choices available over the internet to hack android’s device password and ADB is the best and reliable from them. So, first, you need to link the android phone with computer through a USB cable and open up window in ADB installation list and enter the command and press the button ‘enter’ on the keyboard. After this, reboot an android device and then you will be able to reach the phone for a short span of time. So this means, you need to establish a new pattern or password before the device reboot again.


So, these are 9 effective and working ways to Hack Phone Password on Android and you can follow anyone from them.


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