7 Ways to Track A Cell Phone Location for Free

Get best 7 Ways to Track someone’s Cell Phone Location for Free

Today, cell phones have become one of the basic necessities of life especially for the people that are living in urban areas. People totally depend on these smart gadgets and are making it as an addiction. Where on one hand these smart gadgets are considered a positive sign there on another hand, it has become a drawback of most people. People can easily communicate with their loved ones whether they are living abroad or next to your home. But when this becomes the addiction, it can become risky and dangerous for your cell phone location.

Get best 7 Ways to Track someones Cell Phone Location for Free
Get best 7 Ways to Track someones Cell Phone Location for Free

Sometimes we lose our phone and it becomes the greatest nightmare because there are all important data and files saved in it. Today, what most of the cell phone users do is save their bank account details, official details, and ID card details in their phone and if your phone is lost then this means you have totally lost all your data. Therefore, to keep the phone safe and save the entire necessary things safe in the phone it is best to use spy apps or other tracking ways to track a cell phone.

Today, there are a lot of tracking ways available online that you can use to find your lost phone or track someone’s device location. However, choosing the best way is quite a difficult one cannot find the right way to track someone’s cell phone location if you are not aware of those ways. So, to help you choose the best way we are here with this article. Here you will get to know about the best 7 ways that you can use to track someone’s cell phone location that is for free. So, continue reading this article and know about the 7 ways in detail.

7 ways to track cell phone location

1# TheTruthSpy

1# TheTruthSpy
1# TheTruthSpy

There are different spying applications available online but, you cannot find any other app better than this app for tracking someone’s cell phone location. The application is monitoring and tracking application that can be downloaded on the target device to get access to his or her phone data even at a long distance also. This is one of the simplest and easiest ways that you can use to track a cell phone location. The application is said to have the best GPS tracking feature that will help you get the exact location of the cell phone even if it is switched off or there no network.

The best thing about this application is that you can access the data of the target phone and lock it from the account on this app cloud. Now you will be able to view the phone location against map detailing and the surrounding places so it becomes easy for you to spy on the target phone. You can also use it to find your lost phone and to spy on another person’s activity for free. There are several features this application offers which can track all the data like call logs, messages and more.

You can download TheTruthSpy at: https://app.thetruthspy.com

There are different features this application offers like-

  • Read messages and SMS
  • Monitor browsing history
  • Compatibility and undetectable
  • Access to social media sites and apps
  • Keylogger
  • Instant call recording
  • Manage call logs
  • View reminders and updates

To use this application and enjoy its features you first have to access target device and open any of the browsers available. Now click on the given link of the official website of this app https://thetruthspy.com. now hit the downloading option so that your application would start to download. Once the application is downloaded, you can install the application.

The installation does take a few minutes, after which you have to create a new account using email id and password if you already have an account then log in with it. Now start tracking the cell phone location using this app. the application has a control panel that will help you get access to all the data available in the target device. Along with this, you will be able to fetch the real-time location of a device with the correct date and time stamp.

2# PhoneTracking

2# PhoneTracking
2# PhoneTracking

Website: https://phonetracking.net

It is a tracking and monitoring application that can help you remotely track all the activities of any person. The application is also known as ultimate tracking and monitoring tool that can track all devices including Android and iOS. The application has various remarkable features and benefits like tracking SMS, WhatsApp, call logs, location tracking and more. It is used by a large number of people and offers its users complete satisfaction.

3# track location using Google map and online tools

3# track location using Google map and online tools
3# track location using Google map and online tools

Website: https://www.google.com/maps

Google map is one of the best and greatest applications that can help you find the address of any location. If you are in need to trace any person’s location using Google map then you just have to make sure that the GPS of their phone is switched on. You can conveniently track the location of their phone by sharing the location with your cell phone. Hence, if you are thinking of spying on another person’s location than make sure the location is shared with you.

4# track phone location with a phone number

Smartphones is able to offer users countless features that are today useful for us. However, there are many who misuse these features, but if you are finding out the right way to track anyone’s smartphone location then you can easily do this with their phone number. Yes! You heard it right; all you have to do is search for the online tool that can help you in tracking the location using the phone number. The tools available are easy to use, you just have to enter the phone number and click on to search the current location option. Now you can easily find anyone’s cell phone location.

5# PhoneSpying

Website: https://www.phonespying.com

The application is also known as a parental control app that helps parents in finding the exact location of their teenager kids. The app makes smartphone childproof. Using this application, you can easily unlock the home screen, search, call button locking so that your kid won’t be able to move out with his or her phone to talk with another person on call. It is an amazing app that helps you ensure that your kid is using his or her phone in a limit.

6# FamiSafe

Website: https://famisafe.wondershare.com/

It is an amazing application that is remotely based mainly designed for smartphones running on iOS and Android. Using this app, you will be able to track the real-time location of your kid’s phone for free. Apart from location tracking this application do other operations also like access browsing history, monitor app usage history and more. Thus, you will be able to protect your kids from blackmailing, harassment, predators and harmful threats.

7# NetSpy

Website: https://www.netspy.net

It is ranked as one of the best monitoring and tracking app for smartphones and PC. This application is compatible with all devices whether it’s Android, iOS or any other operating system. The application is easy to install and it does take a few minutes to provide users traced details. The application is completely undetectable hence you can remotely access your spouse or kids activities. Along with this, if your phone is lost you can easily find it with this application.


So, these are the top 7 best ways you can use to track someone’s cell phone location for free. The ways are simple and easy, and you are not required to have any special knowledge to use these ways. For more details refer to the official website of TheTruthSpy.


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