6 Proven Ways for Facebook Parental Controls

How To Use Facebook Parental Controls Apps By 6 Best Proven Ways

Parental control means you can access or monitor your kid’s online activities on their smartphone or computer and sometime without letting them know. For kid’s safety professionals decided to design something that monitors all the online activities of computers or smartphone. Not only it, can block website and content. It can set maximum time limit of using a computer or smartphone for your kids. It is the best tool for internet safety.  This feature of allows you to limit screen time and blocking irrelevant data. Moreover, it is completely safe so your data remain secure. Also, it doesn’t affect your device performance. It works on iOS devices like Android phones, iPhone, Mac, computers, laptops, etc.

How To Use Facebook Parental Controls Apps By 6 Best Proven Ways
How To Use Facebook Parental Controls Apps By 6 Best Proven Ways

Allowing parental control option you will get complete access of account. Now click on the star menu by opening on the control panel. You can make this set up on your control panel and you can change different settings. You need to create a password and it start working without wasting a second. It has many facilities such as to block websites, games, programs, and it is a very handily and easy to access feature. moreover it set time limits for device usage.

Macs have also facilities to control activity of the kids, if you want to activate the parental control on Mac, just update your Mac. In user account you will find the control panel option. Using user account you can make individual settings such as messenger account information, website, emails and more.

You can also buy third-party software that also has facilities to activate the control panel. According to me, TheTruthSpy parental control app is best app for parental controls as it works on both Window and Mac. Today kids have become very smart, and that why the parental controls has to be so strong that it can control your smart kids too.

The achievements of the internet are great but it affects a kid’s life just because of its misuse and also because proper supervision is not available. Even in today’s busy lifestyle most of the parents do not have that much time to do supervision of their kids what they are doing or what they are watching over internet. That’s why Most of the people want to know about parental control apps because it helps to monitor the activities of social networking sites, mobile devices, and your home network also.

As Today Facebook has became a very important part in our daily life. Most of people are habitual to use Facebook in our life. Teenagers mostly use Facebook and start chatting with strangers. If you want to protect your kid’s from any harm like cyber bullying etc, then you need to activate the parental control on your kid’s phones or PC.

If you want to activate the parental control on their Facebook, then just follow simple instruction. If your children are addicted to Facebook, login to their account from the upper right corner. Here are some settings you just need to know about the control panel. For example, you select the option as a friend only. Then you can see their

  • messages
  • See friend list
  • See education and work
  • See current city and hometown
  • See like activities and other connections.

Here I suggest 6 Proven Ways for Facebook Parental Controls that are advanced in 2019.

#1 TheTruthSpy

#1 TheTruthSpy
#1 TheTruthSpy

The best way to monitor Facebook activities is to use Facebook parental control technique like using TheTruthSpy application. this application is designed for parental control feature. this can be used in tablets, PCs and other devices. This is especially designed for this special purpose to enable the parents to track the phones, tablets, or PCs used by their kids.

Why TheTruthSpy is best for parents

  • It can track messages from all social messenger apps. It monitors all social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Viber, etc.
  • Using it you will get live location of your kid.
  • The call log or many more things can also be accessed.

How to install this app

Don’t worry about it how to install this app on your phone. Here I provide all the instructions to solve all things. You just follow all instructions to set this app on your kid’s phone.

  • Create an account

Firstly, you just need to download this app with the help of its official website which mentioned here: https://app.thetruthspy.com and then you can easily set up the account. This app sign up process is very easy to install and free of cost. To get advanced features you have to choose its premium package. The registration is done by providing email account.

  • Setting up account

After complete downloading on their targeted mobile, open the browser and download the app file of the app. You must allow all the permission it want and complete the installation process. The most important thing about this app is it gets successfully installed on the targeted device, and then it becomes invisible.

Let TheTruthSpy sync with phone and after the procedure of sync is complete; you get ready to trace all the activities performed by the targeted person by your kids on his phone

  • Put parental controls panel in privacy settings

Without proper supervision, Facebook is not good for your kids. Today most parents are worried about their kid’s interest in Facebook. You want to control Facebook with control panel and change the privacy setting of the Facebook user.

#2 FoneTracker

this app is different from the other apps because it does not need installation on the targeted phone. You just need to download this app to create an account with the help of an email. It comes with many features like call management, message, and email, web history, call recording, photo, video spy, keylogger, ambient listening, etc. You must install this app.

#3 Net Nanny

this is another Facebook control panel that works on any iOS device. This app provides all the range of operation from its dashboard. With the help of this app, you can block many apps, websites, manage time slots, set alerts and monitor all activities of your kid’s.

#4 Qustodio

this is another easier way to monitor your kid’s Facebook activities. It just needs to create your account on their official website. After the complete process, you will access all things in one app. This comes in a free plan and a premium plan for the accessing process. It sends all the detail on your phone with the help of an alarm, messages and so on.

#5 Free Phone Tracker (PhoneTracking)

this is another option to monitor the Facebook activities of your kids. There are several features is available to monitor all the activities of Facebook like photo sharing, all messages, calls, etc.

#6 XySpy

This is another option that help you to monitor all the activities of your kids. You can access all the things such as call log, messages, email, etc. This feature is cheap as compared to TheTruthSpy app. So here I suggest you this app at the last option more detail you can visit their official website there you find many more things.


TheTruthSpy is the best option of all because their service is excellent as compare with another spying app. You can access all the things but TheTruthSpy is one of the best options because of their fast service and excellent features. You receive all things in one app such as Facebook messages, call log, all video share, etc.


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