5 Ways for Free Facebook Hack without Survey

Get the 5 methods for free Facebook spy without survey

No doubt in that Facebook provides strict restrictions to its users but instead of that also many of the people still wants to hack it because of some of the reasons. Here to do so, you need to take the help of some of the experts who use to do so. But this was the talk about the past; now on the online platform, you will get so many tools on the online platform that helps you in hacking the Facebook in easy steps. Right now at the online platform, you will find so many different types of websites some of them are paid one and some are for free. Here behind spying, there are many personal reasons involves that provokes to hack someone’s Facebook.

Get the 5 methods for free Facebook spy without survey
Get the 5 methods for free Facebook spy without survey

However, if you are going to spy someone’s Facebook account then you must have some of its basic details, basic details mean the Facebook address or username, in this article we are going to show you some of the interesting methods through which you can easily hack on someone’s Facebook without any issues.

In fact, you really want to hack someone’s Facebook then it is better to know some of the basic details of the victim, because here hacking is only possible if you know its url, by this some of the sites provide you with instant connection to the victim Facebook id.

As we told you above that there are many other different ways to hack Facebook, then here are the ways:



Now, let’s understand these methods in deep so that you can also make use of this app.

1# By using TheTruthSpy app

1# By using TheTruthSpy app
1# By using TheTruthSpy app

Hacking someone’s Facebook is not as simple as you actually think. But this app makes it easy for you to do so. By using this amazing app you can easily get connected to the target Facebook account. You don’t have to learn any programming or no need of technical knowledge for hacking it. Here the app does work for you, you don’t have to do anything, no hardcore technical learning required for it. This app is really simple and easy to use. This is an app which is recommended by the experts.

They say that it is a wonderful app with the simple installation process. With that its working process is also simple and you don’t have to do many things here.

Steps to install this app

  • Here first go to the official website of TheTruthSpy app, from the given link you can directly reach to its official site https://app.thetruthspy.com
  • Once you download this application on the target phone. Then fill the space over there with the correct details.
  • After completion of the filling process there, you will get the id and password through which you can access to the account by using it.
  • Now, hide this app on the target phone and take out yours.
  • Download the same app into your smartphone by using that same given link and complete the installation process.
  • Enter the id and password for accessing into your account where you can easily get all the records of the victim phone, which they suppose to talk, what kind of chats go through and with that all Facebook activities you can track.

So, these are the basic steps that you have to follow at the time of using this app. This application provides you the ability to have a look at other activities of victim phone. TheTruthSpy App is designed for all different types of smartphones. You can make use of it in your tablets and in many there android phones for free of cost.

2# By using the Face Geek crack the password of the Facebook account

2# By using the Face Geek crack the password of the Facebook account
2# By using the Face Geek crack the password of the Facebook account

Besides this, if you are looking for another option then you have the next method that is by using the id and password option. Here you can take the help of the geek option. This is simplified software that remains ready always for helping its users in any worst situations.

Here are few easy steps that you should follow if you want to make use of this app

  • Visit the face geek website and create your account there and after that enter the victim Facebook id there whom you really want to hack on.
  • Just after entering the required details you will get the password of target Facebook with the help of the some hidden techniques. This is quite a simple and easier way to hack someone’s Facebook account without wasting much of the time.
  • After getting the all necessary information you can easily login into the victim phone anytime whenever you want to do.

The one who wants an instant result can go with this simple process and hack the target phone.

3# By using the Forgot Password process

3# By using the Forgot Password process
3# By using the Forgot Password process

On the online platform, it happens many times that the software that you have chosen not work actually the in which you want. In that case, you can go with another option that forgets password option which is an inbuilt feature of the Facebook. This method is different from others because here we are using the Facebook feature against it. Here we are showing you the way through which you can easily hack Facebook of someone’s with ease.

Check more Forgot Password at: https://www.facebook.com/login/identify

Follow these steps and accomplish your goal.

  • Reach to the official site of the Facebook and click there on the forget password option.
  • There a new pop up gets open, there enter the target account id and choose the option where you can recover the password. If you know about the email of the victim then go for it or go for another option.
  • Then click on the continue option and within few minutes you will receive the recover password on your chosen mode.
  • Now you can make use of that code for opening the account of the victim Facebook, now if you want you can change the password of the victim Facebook account.

If you have required details then you can proceed towards this method or else you can move towards the next method.

4# By using the keylogger option

4# By using the keylogger option
4# By using the keylogger option

Here you can take help of the third party that is one keylogger option that helps you in cracking the account of the victim in an easy way. Actually, a keylogger is a set of programs that have the ability to store entered password or pressed keys. Here whenever the victim press the button that same get stored into the control panel. Every keystroke gets recorded into the set patterns that you can arrange and use it for unlocking the password. This actually features that provided by many of the application which are designed for spying purposes or you can even search for the program that allows you to do so.

5# By using the phishing method

5# By using the phishing method
5# By using the phishing method

This is a method which is really common in the spying industry it is mainly called the phishing. It is a really typical method that helps you in hacking the Facebook account. Here we are mentioning you a few basic steps that allow you to make use of this app.

Follow these steps and reach your target on time without making any mistakes:

Here the first thing that you have to do is to send the fake page of the Facebook to the target phone by using an email. After receiving it whenever the victim clicks on that link it directly gets connect to the page and a pop up appear on it instantly on the screen.

There user get attracted to enter the details on the page for login into the page. In this way, you will get all the necessary details on the page that you really want to get. This helps you in connecting to the login page. This is an app which is designed for all those users who don’t want to make use of any of the third party pages. It is an app which is completely safe from all points and lets you able to get connect to the victim Facebook account within no time. You don’t need to put many efforts on this platform everything gets done here with ease from the side of the software.


So, here are the fives ways that you can use for hacking someone’s Facebook account and forgetting its Facebook details. By using these ways for hacking without the survey you will get the best result of all time. The team behind this application work for the betterment of the hacking. But at the sometime, if you are looking for the best method then nothing can be better than TheTruthSpy App. Make use of this app you can record the calls, messages, WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media platform. Beside this you can also track on the location of the victim and its past location also. Check out the posts that victim has posted on the Facebook.


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