5 Tips for Choosing the Right WhatsApp Spy Software

WhatsApp messenger is an instant and freeware social media platform which allows the users to transmit unlimited text, multimedia files and voice messages along with the feature of voice and video calling. The app is available free of cost in the app store and has various advantages. Technology has gradually increased the use of such social platforms over time. The increased popularity of WhatsApp made it an omnipresent tool. But this application with many benefits has several demerits as well. Due to its user-friendly tools, the application is nowadays being used by several predators with the aim of stealing people’s details and threatening them for money. Most of them target the kids and teenagers as they fall easily into their trap. By claiming to have similar hobbies and interest, the fake profile users interact with the teenagers and gain their trust.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right WhatsApp Spy Software
5 Tips for Choosing the Right WhatsApp Spy Software

To avoid all such incidents a lot of people especially the parents try to find out a way through which they can monitor all the activities of their child on WhatsApp. However, as there are various spy software available in the market, it becomes a difficult task for the people to select the best one out of it.

Here are some of the tips which can prove beneficial in selecting the right WhatsApp spy software.

Is it 100% undetectable- the main reason why a person uses a spy software is to keep an eye on the target without letting them know. When you select any spy software, you must always keep in mind that the software must be undetectable. This means that the owner of the target phone should not be able to find out that any such application is installed on his phone. This feature is also known as the “stealth mode.” Keeping the application hidden and undetectable allows you to monitor all the activities of the user and he cannot find a way to escape from such mischief.

Compatibility of the phone with the software– a lot of software which is available in the market either works on Android or iPhone. Therefore, it is important for you to analyze that particular spy software is working on your target device properly or not. Before buying any software, go through all the documents and information which are provided on the official site by the developers. Moreover, take the free trial of the software which will help you to judge the features of that software practically buy using it.

Additional features of the software- you are selecting software with the main aim of spying WhatsApp. But it may also happen that there are other applications which are being used by the target phone user, and such apps also want monitoring. Therefore, you must always select and install multitasking software which not only keeps the record of WhatsApp but can also help you to detect the texts, multimedia messages, voice calls and video calls happening over other applications.

Location tracking facility is there or not– many times your children make an excuse of their tuitions and coaching with an aim to visit a party or another place with their friends. When your children make friends over WhatsApp, they even plan to meet up with the strangers. Therefore you must always select software which also tracks the location of your child with the use of GPS. This helps you to monitor the movements of your children from one place or another and allow you to detect whether your child is genuine or not.

After installation services- a lot of software developers provide you services only till you buy and install the software on your target phone. But this may create a problem for you because you may sometimes find it difficult to use the software. Moreover, all the data of such software are uploaded on the online portal; which can be only accessed by a particular user ID and password. Thus you must always select software which can help you in understanding the whole procedure of spying and count give you expert advice whenever you want.

One such software which fulfills all these criteria is TheTruthSpy app. this application is fully loaded with the above-mentioned features and even allows various other benefits. It also allows you to give a random call to your target phone which is automatically received. You can hear every bit of the surrounding sounds and can even record it. This feature allows you to detect the location of your partner or child. The app is a perfect package regarding spying and keeping your identity anonymous.


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