5 Best Real-Time Location Tracking Apps

5 Best Real-Time Location Tracking Apps
5 Best Real-Time Location Tracking Apps

List of 5 top Real-Time Location Tracking Apps

One must always have a real-time location tracking app on their phone. A real-time location tracker not only helps you to locate the lost device but It also helps you to monitor your loved ones. There can be a number of reasons for locating the device of a target person. Some of these reasons can be to monitor your child, to find misplaced device, to catch the cheating spouse. Today people are downloading spy apps on their phone as these are best monitoring app and helps you track the real-time location of a phone.

List of 5 top Real-Time Location Tracking Apps
List of 5 top Real-Time Location Tracking Apps

What is a Spy app

A spy app is an application which is developed in order to spy on a phone. This app lets you discover the real-time activity of a target phone. The user who operates a spy app is able to see what a target person is doing on his/her phone. They are able to control the activity of a target phone user. A Spy app also contains a number of features which can be used to spy on the particular activity of a phone.

In the App Store or play store, there are a number of spy apps available for the people to download. But you must be careful and must not simply download any software on your phone. This is because when you download an unknown software on your device, there is a risk of a virus getting inside your phone. This virus can harm your device as well as target device. So, you must download the best app from the play store looking at its reviews.

Here are 5 Best Real-Time Location Tracking Apps

In this article we have reviewed the 5 best spy app which can be used as location tracker-

#1 TheTruthSpy

#1 TheTruthSpy
#1 TheTruthSpy

It is a best spy app which lets you track location of a mobile using its GPS tracker feature. There are many more features offered by TheTruthSpy like hidden call recorder, ambient listening, keylogger, WhatsApp spy, etc. all these features can be used by you. To make use of this app you need to download it in your device and in the target device. You can hide the icon of spy app from target phone.

Now make a user account on TheTruthSpy by signing up. Once you make an account you need to log in and configure your device with target device. Once the devices are configured you can easily spy on the activity of target device.

#2 FoneTracker

Monitoring over the android device become easier with FoneTracker. This is also a GPS tracker best for android user. This app offers you all the basic spy feature for free and for advanced ones you need to pay some amount. People who has used this app have been happy with its easy to use interface. The details which you collect from the target device is always accurate. There is no rooting required in order to spy on the target mobile.

#3 FreePhoneSpy

This software is best for spying on an iPhone device. This is not a free software and you need to buy it in order to utilize it. All the advanced and basic features are offered in this app which offers you best spying experience. User of this app needs to jailbreak the device in order to hack it. This app is compatible with all iPhone models. There is time to time updates made in order to improve the functioning of the app.

#4 SpyZee

This is a free spying tool and there is number of features offered in it including GPS tracker. This app is best for those who wants to spy on the android mobile. This app is 100% virus free, easy to use and 100% undetectable. You can use this app for spying on multiple devices.

#5 PhoneTracking

Parents love this app as this is the best monitoring tool. This app has many users all across the globe. This is not a free app but you its features are offered at reasonable rate. You need to pay for its features monthly. you can monitor the location of your kid’s phone easily using PhoneTracking.

Why choose TheTruthSpy for best GPS Tracker

This is our list of best GPS tracker apps in the market. You can use any of these app as per your desirability, but we suggest you to use TheTruthSpy because this app is compatible with both android and iPhone devices. Also, this app is very easy to use and works smoothly. This spy app has lots of advanced features which is not offered in another app. Read in detail about the features of TheTruthSpy here!

GPS tracker TheTruthSpy offers you real-time location tracker and this location tracker record location history and send it you. You can see real time location or view full location history from your control panel.

Call recording this feature is used in order to record the voice or video calls of target phone. All the recording made are of high quality. Recorded content can be accessed through the control panel. Also, the recorded content can be downloaded on your phone very easily.

SMS spy SMS of target device is recorded along with name and number. You can see all sent or received SMS, archived SMS and deleted SMS as well.

WhatsApp spy– WhatsApp chats and the calls can be recorded very easily using TheTruthSpy app. All the chats along with the name, number and photo is recorded. The user can see the chats and save it on their phone if needed.

Photo/ video spy– view all the media files like photos and videos saved on mobile using TheTruthSpy. The photos which are encrypted can also be viewed by the user using this app. The photos of the target phone can be saved on your phone using this app.

Keylogger– all the secret passwords of the target phone can be recorded using this feature. Keylogger records as soon as the keystrokes are pressed by target to unlock their phone. Using this feature, you can also record the Facebook, WhatsApp passwords.

Social site spy– Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat are the most commonly used social sites. If the target is using this social site and you wish to look at their social media account activity then using this feature you can record their activity. You can look at their chats, saved media, close friend list, etc.

Internet history spy-browser or internet history of the target mobile is traced using this feature. Using this feature, you can look what all content is surfed or browsed by target person. URLs along with time and date stamp are recorded and sent to the control panel of the user.

Steps to track GPS Location

TheTruthSpy offers you all the above given features and some advanced features of this app are- ambient listening and app blocking. Spying on kids, spouse and employees can be done easily using TheTruthSpy. Employees who leak company’s data to an enemy can be caught red handed using this app. This app is named TheTruthSpy because no matter how much a person lies to you, you will come to know the truth using this app.

To download and install this app now, visit- https://android.thetruthspy.com. There you can read the full detail of this app, also you can read its user guide. You can contact to its customer care support if you have some queries. You can also read reviews and check the rating of the app. Once, you start using this app, all your problems will be solved easily and your life will become tension free.


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