4 Ways for real time locations tracking

4 ways for real time locations tracking
4 ways for real time locations tracking

Learn 4 best ways for real-time locations tracking

This article is especially for the parents that all time worry about where their children where they go and what they do and with whom they communicate. This article will help those highly concerned parents, to know 4 effective ways for real-time locations tracking for kids. We know that children are naughty and they do not think about right and wrong. Sometimes a stranger takes full advantages of it and takes the kids with them to an unknown place. For a parent, this is really a horrifying situation when their children are kidnapped. They file a complaint at a police station and then investigation starts and a very length process goes on.

Learn 4 best ways for real-time locations tracking
Learn 4 best ways for real-time locations tracking

If one uses a spy tool and monitor the activities of the child then the chances of occurrences of such a situation will not there. The child will always remain safer and secured when monitors them and can save them from getting in reach of a stranger and go to the unknown places. Here is the article that will describe all about the best 4 ways that are going to be a lot useful for tracking the target phone real-time location.

Way 1- TheTruthSpy

When talking about the top 4 ways for location tracking, using TheTruthSpy is the right option. This tool is popular in the world of the spy. Not only this tool is useful for location tracking but many other things can be possibly done with the access of it. The one using the tool obviously remains in greater profit and they never remain worried about children.

Benefits of using it

  • It is having many innovative features.
  • Spying on another person is possible remotely and invisibly.
  • It is easy to afford the app.
  • It is compatible with OS like iOS and Android.
  • User-friendly interface makes the downloading process easier.
  • 24/7 hours dedication team is there to assists user in all possible way.

Start using the app

Before beginning to use the app, it is essential for a hacker to get the cell phone physically in the hand. Now visit the setting option and permit unknown source that will allow the app to get installed easily. Visit the official site of this tracker using URL address (https://thetruthspy.com). Hit in download now and the application will begin to download. One the app is successfully downloaded, begin up with the installation process.  Create a user account using valid details like email ID and password.

After completing the download, visit to the dashboard and from there a user will get essential details that you would like to know like the real-time location. It is really easier for one to use and view all the details of location tracking. Aside from location tracking a user can view messages, IM app chats, internet history, and many more things.

Download TheTruthSpy App

Features of TheTruthSpy

  • GPS location This is the best feature that this tool offers. This will help a user in viewing the real-time location of the individual without his/her knowledge. A parent is not needed to move around for tracking the location of the kids. Just install the wizard in their cell phone and through remotely track the location. Even the lost phone through GPS location tracking feature will be traced.
  • Calls Tracking If a hacker would like to know that with whom the target is talking, and then with the help of this tracking tool, a user can track the calls details. All the details including date, time, duration and contacts will be discovered.
  • Internet activities hacking If you feel that children are watching malicious content on his or her device then all the doubts will be cleared through the tracking tool. It will display the list of URLs visited and list of downloaded content.
  • SMS tracking This feature will let you know about the SMS that is sent and received by the hacker device along with other details like date, time, content and contact info.
  • Keylogger When the parent is willing to know what the kid is typing in the device provided then using this feature will be a lot beneficial. This is capable enough in capturing all the keys pressed by the user of the mobile phone. It also helps a hacker in cracking the password of the target person social media app quite easily.
  • Access social media site activities- Through this feature a user will come to know all that is happening in Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, snapchat etc. All the data of the activities will be extracted by the tool and will be available at the app control panel.

Way 2- FoneTracker

If you want to know the real-time location of the dearest one then making use of GuestSpy will be helpful.  There are many features offered in this tracking tool that will offer you many greater advantages.  In order to explore features of the tool, download and install the app in victim phone and in own device. To stay untraceable encrypt the app on the target phone. Just go to setting and hide the app. Once the app is hidden, through control panel begin monitoring.

This app user-friendly interface let you in doing the recording and viewing of all the details of the victim device. Thus kids will not be able to hide secrets when uses the tools.

Way 3- FreePhoneSpy

This application is having real-time location tracking feature and if you use the tool then a user will easily be able to track the real-time location of kids. The method of using the app is quite easier. Simply get the application downloaded and installed and create a user account and then get the subscription packages for using the features provided by it. If you do not buy the subscription packages, you will not be able to use the app features. To use the app, you need to root the device and also need to undergo jailbreaking in case of iPhone.

If you make use of the tool then revealing the hidden data from victim device will be a lot easier and those can be saved. Another benefit of using the app is that it is free of viruses and easy to use.

Way 4- XySpy

XySpy is another very good application that is used for tracking the real-time location of the victim device. It tracks the accurate location with full details when uses it and will also offer you other interesting features that will definitely turn you with spy experience like professional.  In order to make use of this tracking tool, a user is supposed to download and install the app and create a user account and open up the control panel and then get to location tracking feature and track it.

GPS location tracking feature will start running effectively and will give you full information. A user will get date and time and place name displayed at the control panel. A user will come to know the information location and also other details can be traced using the app like internet history spy, call tracking etc.


Those above listed 4 ways of real-time location tracking are effective enough in tracking the location. Also, it offers many other greater innovative features so that these apps can be used for monitoring the phone. If you want to make use of the features provided by the app, follow the instructions given and enjoy using those. But remember one thing that if you make many little mistakes, then it will definitely cause the error and will not be able to hack the target device. So do the spy carefully and stay safer.


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