The 4 Biggest Myths About Spy Phone Software

Meta description: Even though, spy phone software is gaining more and more popularity, there are main myths prevailing around this arena.

Spy software programs are gaining more and more popularity these days and it is also increasing awareness among people about the critical role played by these applications in gathering details about loved one who hides information from them. Earlier, this type of spy application was considered a mythical thing that is reserved just for professionals working for investigation agencies and for police department. But, like anything that gets popular gets negative feedback from people, who do not like the growth, spy applications also have many points raised against them and this keeps people away from this type of application. If you are planning to use such an application to spy on your lovable family member, here are some 4 myths and the actuals that you should be aware of:

First Myth: It is possible to install spy software through air:

Fact: There is no spy application that can be installed magically to anybody’s device. Such an application should be installed only on the phone that should be watched. Also, when you install such an application on the phone of your lovable family member, it is important that you will have to accept permissions that pop up during the activation process. It is important that you should get the physical presence of the phone in your hand. Even though, some companies claim that you can install their application through Bluetooth, please do not rely on such false promises.

Second myth: It is possible to install such an application in an iphone that is not jailbroken:

Fact: This is yet another false promise. Any third party application that is not available via app store can be installed on the phone only after jailbreaking it. This is applicable to spy application as well.

Third Myth: Spy application installation is a hard task:

Fact: Many people believe that they should be a master in coding to install a spy application in the right manner. This is false and any individual can install and activate the application and the process will just take 5-10 minutes, when you choose an application like TheTruthSpy. If you are not sure about installation, you can try the installation in your primary phone before actually installing it on your target phone.

Fourth Myth: Spy applications are Trojans

Fact: Even though, there are some unreliable spy applications in the market, all applications cannot be stated as Trojan. When you choose a reliable application you can confidently install the same on your phone before installing on the target phone. Furthermore, no consumer level application can be classified as Trojan.


So, you need not have to feel hesitant about trying out the free version of such an application on your phone, before trying it on the target phone. Just get out of the myths mentioned above and you are sure to feel confident about such an installation. You will experience the benefits for sure.


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