3 Ways on Facebook Location Tracking

Learn 3 Ways on Facebook Location Tracking

Social media applications become the essential parts of our life in today. At this time people love to chat or connect with their loved one through social media applications. Social media platforms become very popular for sharing memorable moments, photos, videos, and many more. Among all social media applications, Facebook is liked by millions of people.

Learn 3 Ways on Facebook Location Tracking

Nowadays, millions of people log in their account on this platform and chat with their friends. People like Facebook because here they make a new friend and share their thoughts, photos with their friends or followers. Moreover, they spend many hours over there. People get addicted to these sites and sometimes it affects their personal life too.

In today’s era, most of the youngster is facing a problem like cyber bullying, online harassment, cheating, and any false news. At this time every people has its own phone and they are using Facebook application as well. If you want to track someone’s Facebook location then be with us.

No matter whom you are, and whom you want to track like your child, partner, family member, friend, anyone you can easily hack them. In this article, you are going to know how you can track Facebook location with these easy ways. Here you will read about the 3 ways to hack Facebook location so let’s start without wasting time.

Way 1- TheTruthSpy

Way 1- TheTruthSpy
Way 1- TheTruthSpy

This is a parental control hacking app and if you are concern parents then this app is best for you. TheTruthSpy app offers many features that will allow you full phone access. To use this app you don’t need to take too much trouble. It is easy to use and trustworthy.

Most of the people are using TheTruthSpy app because it is undetectable and provides you 100% safe and secure information. So let’s start with its downloading process.

Download and install

To download TheTruthSpy app visit this link that is https://android.thetruthspy.com/. Download and install it on your target device. Next, make a new account by using your email id and password and hit the login.

After that, you have to enter some information to complete the registration process. Now hit the hack button without taking too much time.

Hide app

If you don’t want that your target user will know about this app then you can hide this app icon easily. Just follow this instruction goes to the setting and start the hidden mode. After that, your target user will never know about this app and never see login.


Next, you have to log in to the same TheTruthSpy account on your phone. Now you will see the online control panel on your phone screen here you have to do some settings. After that, you can easily access your target person’s Facebook location.

With the help of TheTruthSpy features, you can easily see the location with the real time of your target person and also see which time they log in their Facebook and location as well.

Apart from the location, you can read all the Facebook messages of your target person. You can see the friend list, share photos, videos, and other things as well. If you want to block any person then you can block from the phone of your target person Facebook account.

Through TheTruthSpy app not only you can track someone else Facebook location but also secure your phone from tracking or hacking.

Other features of TheTruthSpy app

  • Spy call logs with call duration, time, and contact number
  • Messages spy
  • GPS tracker
  • Social media application access
  • Spy file manager
  • Spy camera
  • WhatsApp spy
  • Internet history spy
  • App spy, and so on.

Way 2- Facebook’s location services

Way 2- Facebook's location services
Way 2- Facebook’s location services

Tracking the location of Facebook is very easy. Most of the criminal use these services to keep eye on their target person. If you feel like someone tracks your location then you need to solve this problem without delay. Maybe someone misuses your Facebook location and trap you in any wrong work. In this way you will read how you can save yourself by tracking. Just follow this instruction and then no one can track your Facebook location.

First, go to the Facebook icon and log in to your account. Nowhere will you see more options so click on this option. After that here you will see many options. You have to click on the account setting options. When you hit the option you will see the location option.

Learn more at: https://m.facebook.com/help/278928889350358

So turn off the location option now you have completed all processes. Now no one can track your Facebook location. But from this method, you can’t track someone else location.

Way 3- Marauders Map

Way 3- Marauders Map
Way 3- Marauders Map

If you want to track Facebook location in real time then this is the best tool. You just need to follow some steps and then you can easily do that. When you use this map to track location then you don’t need to download it. You can find this marauders map on the internet. This map only allows you to track location not other information. If the target person blocks you then you can’t track their Facebook location.

Go to the internet and search marauders map and now hit on this icon. Next, you will see the home page of this map hit the search bar and type the marauders’ map then you will get the tracking tools. Next you will see the developer option so turn it on.

After that go to Facebook and open the chat of your target person, now the marauders maps will start tracking their location in real time. Just remember one thing the GPS option must be started on your target person’s phone.


All the 3 ways are best and you can easily see the location of your target person’s Facebook. When you select the TheTruthSpy app then apart from this Facebook location you can see other information as well. So use TheTruthSpy app and track your loved ones Facebook location.

Moreover, save them from any type of trap. Or you can also keep eyes on them and see what they are doing on their phone all the time.


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