How Do You Track Someone’s Locations on Your iPhone

February 15, 2019 8:32AM

by: Allen Johnson

Track someone’s Locations on Your iPhone device? Use TheTruthSpy app

There are many reasons why a person would like to track others location in their own iPhone. Might be the worried parents would like to ensure about the safety of their sweet kids. At the same time, the children could have to keep the track of their parents if in case have lost somewhere in the market or mall. Finding out someone’s location in iPhone can be done with various methods. But I would recommend you to go for TheTruthSpy App. Actually, this is a tracking tool that helps a person in tracking down the location of the device additionally is mentoring the full activities of a person over his/her device.

Track someone's Locations on Your iPhone device? Use TheTruthSpy app

Track someone’s Locations on Your iPhone device? Use TheTruthSpy app

Finding out the location of a person with a location tracking app- TheTruthSpy app

If you are the parent of children and in today’s unsecured environment, the parents would definitely like to track the location of their kids. In order to make the tracking process quite easier and simpler, using a tracking tool like TheTruthSpy will definitely be beneficial. This tracking tool can be used for tracking out all the activities of the children done over the device. Tracking the calls, SMS, chat history etc will definitely be beneficial.

This tool is actually a parental control app and is used for controlling children screen time and also blocking irrelevant web content. Additionally, the tracking tool helps the user in tracking down the real-time location of the children. Using the tracking tool is a lot easier and convenient. Here are few easy to follow steps that will help a user in locating the location over iPhone and Android as well.

  1. Install the wizard from the website using the URL address ( on others device and own device.
  2. Open up the app on the suspected device and create a user account and logion using ID and password. Remember that you require allowing several permissions during the process of setting up of account.
  3. Open up the users account on own device and log in and the app will get connected to the device of suspected person automatically.
  4. Through the control panel a user can access all details that

It is difficult to keep eye over the children or spouse. With the help of a trustworthy and reliable tracking tool, one will definitely be able to possess the full ability of maintaining a track on the activities of the suspected person. The application is rich in feature that will give us a full peace of mind and the update content will let a user know all about the activities of kids, spouse, and employee. It is also helpful in knowing the whereabouts of the children or partner.

The major benefits of using the application are that it is having a greater ability to provide current time notification.

The other feature is like

  • Recording all the text SMS and messages with full details
  • Social site activity recording
  • keeping a full record of the call logs
  • keeping full track of internet activity history
  • Multimedia file viewing
  • Keylogger
  • IM chats recording


Use TheTruthSpy app in order to keep the full track of the activity of children and spouse. Make sure that to track the location of a perso0n, you possess a device in hand and install the app and get permission to track all time.

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