Want to monitor your child’s SMS chats

All the friends of your child own a smartphone, so you will have to get them one too. It seems to be the right thing to do in order to make your kid happy. But soon, you will realize that it is having a very bad effect on them. It is very common among kids nowadays to stick to the smartphone screen all day. Most of them consider this habit as cool. It does not just affect their studies but also their health. Often they are busy on their phone when sitting on the dining table. They are not able to eat properly due to this. Also, many kids stay sleep deprived as they keep texting till late night. The problem does not however stop there. The internet is full of all kinds of bad things and with a smartphone, kids get an easy access to all that. Kids are often found sharing and talking about adult content over SMS chats. Cyber bullying has also become a very big issue. Something needs to be done about all this, and quickly.

Want to monitor your child’s SMS chats
Want to monitor your child’s SMS chats

Many parents realize how bad it is for their kids to spend so much time with phones. Some of them even try to take the matter into their own hands. They suggest the kids to play outside and find other sources of entertainment. Some people force their kids to do so. A few have even tried to take away their kid’s phone. At last, all these things lead to a fight between the parents and their kids.

If you cannot stop them from using a smartphone, you can at least check what they are doing on the phone. Now obviously, you cannot just ask your kid for their phone and check the SMS chats. The new generation does not like even the slightest interference in their lives. Sneaking behind their backs for the same will also not last for long. Thus, you will have to find a way to monitor their phone without them knowing. Lucky for you, already there are mobile apps just for this purpose. Understanding the need of many parents around the globe, a few companies have created apps that can let you monitor all the activities on your kid’s phone.

Go to your favorite search engine and search for phone monitoring apps. You will get dozens of useful results. As most of the good apps are paid, you will not be able to use all of them in order to figure out which one is the best. Thus, you will have to rely on online reviews for these apps. Some of the top rated apps are TheTruthSpy. Once you install one of these apps on your kid’s phone, you will get details of their call logs, SMS chats, web browsing and geo location in real time. You can block certain categories of websites on their phone and even restrict data usage or talk time for them.


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