Track Text Messages on iPhone Without Jailbreaking

When it comes to text message spy, some apps support phones without rooting or Jailbreaking. But there are some apps that require you to root or jailbreak the phone before you use the application.

The most common issue faced is Jailbreaking. It is a security protocol on the iPhone. It prevents you from downloading or using third-party apps. So, in an iPhone, you can only use those apps which are available on App Store.

You cannot use any other apps. To install and use third-party apps on an iPhone, you have to go through a Jailbreaking procedure. When you jailbreak an iPhone, you can easily use any application in it.

It symbolizes that the iPhone is locked in jail, so it is safe and protected. But when you jailbreak, any application can enter it. When you jailbreak an iPhone secretly, the user will come to know about it.

Jailbreaking has its own advantages and disadvantages. When you jailbreak an iPhone, you can customize it and use it as you want. You can install apps, use themes, play games, and do a lot more.

But while doing this, your phone becomes vulnerable. Any type of virus or malware can enter it. It makes the system weak against online attacks. Your phone will become prone to all the damage.

As spying apps are third-party, you need to jailbreak the iPhone to spy on text messages. But if you are looking for a spying way that doesn’t require Jailbreaking, we can help you.

There are some spying apps which doesn’t require Jailbreaking. You can use these apps to install the app on your iPhone remotely. You don’t have to jailbreak the phone.

In this article, we will show you how to track text messages on an iPhone. You don’t need to jailbreak the phone.

Tracking Text Messages

Tracking Text Messages

In order to monitor text messages, you need to use spying apps. But here we are looking for spying apps that support remote installation. You need to use a spying app that is compatible with the iPhone and supports remote installation.

This way, you don’t have to jailbreak the phone. You need to check the characteristics of the spying apps. The main characteristics needed are as follows.

  • Compatibility with iPhone
  • No Jailbreaking required
  • Remote installation process
  • Text Message Spying Feature

How To Track Text Messages?

Now that we know about Jailbreaking and text messages spying, it is time to learn how to do it. Here we will show you how you can use a spying app to spy on text messages without installation and Jailbreaking.

You can use a mobile spying application like mSpy, Spyera, Spyic, and MobiStealth. These spying apps are compatible with iPhone spy. There is no need to jailbreak the phone. Also, they provide text message spying features.

Steps To Spy On Text Messages

Steps To Spy On Text Messages

Follow these steps if you want to spy on text messages without Jailbreaking.

Create an Account

In the first step, you have to go to the app website and create an account. You need to enter all the details correctly to create your login id and password. Once it is done, you need to choose the device. If you want to spy on android, choose android, and enter the model number. For the iPhone, choose iPhone and enter the model number.

Purchase the App

You have to purchase the spying app before you start any process. You can go to the website and check the subscription plans of the spying apps. If there is a free trial, you can opt for it. You can choose a monthly or yearly plan. After choosing the plan, you need to make the payment.

Download the app

Now, you need to download the app on your laptop or mobile phone, which you will use for spying. Instead of downloading the app on another person’s phone, you have to download it on your own device so that you don’t have to log in from the web. In many spying apps, there is no download option. You can log in through the website, but downloading can save a lot of time.

If you want to spy on text messages on Android, you can download the text spy app for Android at

Insert Apple ID

After downloading the app to your device, you need to enter the apple id of the person whose phone you want to spy on. You need to know their apple id. If the id is used to connect multiple devices, you can spy on all the devices using the same apple id. You need to make sure that the message backup is on. If it isn’t, you have to enable message backup to read text messages.

Login and Text Message Spy

Now, the iPhone will be connected to the app remotely by the apple id. You can now log in to your spying account. You have to use a Text message spy option to spy on text messages.


This is how you can spy on the text messages of an iPhone without Jailbreaking it.


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