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Many people are searching for ways where they can easily track a phone. Although there are ways by which you can hack a phone by its number, it isn’t very easy. Only professional hackers can do it. If you have extensive knowledge of hacking tools, you can do it. But if you are pretty new to hacking, you need to find some other easy ways to hack. In this post, we will guide you on how to hack a phone with just the number. We will also discuss alternative ways for you to hack a phone.

Hacking A Phone

Hacking A Phone

You can hack a phone for multiple reasons. By hacking a phone, you can not only get vital information, but you can even control the phone remotely. Hacking is classified into two types, ethical and non-ethical hacking. In this post, we are going to discuss ethical ways to hack a phone.

When you hack a phone to protect someone or to safeguard your interest is known as ethical hacking. When you hack a phone to harm someone, it is known as unethical hacking. It is illegal. You should always follow the proper rules and regulations while hacking. Make sure you use appropriate tools.

Ways To Hack A Phone By Number

Ways To Hack A Phone By Number

Here are two ways by which you can hack a phone by the number. To use these ways, you need technical as well as professional hacking knowledge and tools. These ways are very complicated. There is no easy way to hack a phone by number.

Hire a Professional Hacker

If you don’t have any technical knowledge about hacking, you can always hire a professional hacker. They have proper tools and equipment by which they can easily hack a phone. This is the easiest way. However, there are many disadvantages. It is challenging to find a professional hacker. Also, if you are able to find one, you cannot trust them. The hacker can use the information to blackmail you. Also, if they get caught, you will be dragged in for illegal hacking. Professional hackers can easily manipulate the information retrieved from hacking. You will never know if the information is accurate. Also, they are very expensive. Because of all these reasons, this way is not suitable.


You can also take advantage of vulnerabilities. No matter how secure a system is, there are always some vulnerabilities. Hackers find these vulnerable spots and take advantage of them to infiltrate the system. To use this method, you need to have hacking knowledge and need hacking tools. You can take advantage of the SS7 vulnerability. This vulnerability lies in the signaling system, which provides a network to cell phones. You can infiltrate into the signaling system and use the contact number to listen to calls and check messages. For this method, you need high-tech tools.

Alternate Way To Hack A Phone

Alternate Way To Hack A Phone

If you don’t have any technical knowledge or if you are looking for easy ways to hack a phone by the number, you can use this method. In this method, you need the number as well. This method works only on the iPhone. To hack an iPhone, you don’t need the number. You only need someone’s iCloud credentials to hack their iPhones. If you know this, you can hack their phone without touching it. You can do it by using a spying app.

TheTruthSpy Spying App

TheTruthSpy app is trustworthy and works in hidden ways. To use this app, you will need their iCloud credentials. If you don’t have this information, you will need to access the phone to install the software in it physically. If you have the credentials, you can follow these steps to hack a phone.

Step 1: Sign up

After you have selected the app, you need to go to the official website of the app to sign up. You have to create an account to hack the phone. This will be your spying account. You have to manage all the hacking activities through this account. You need to enter your email id and all other details to create an account. Read the terms of use as well.

Step 2: Device Details

Now, you have to enter the device details on the screen. Choose a nickname for the device and select the device model.

Step 3: Subscription Plan

If you are using a paid app, you have to purchase a subscription plan and make the payment. You can also choose a free app or opt for a free trial option.

Step 4: iCloud Credentials

Now, you have to set up the app on the phone. For this, you need to access the cloud panel option. First, you have to create a backup and then enter the iCloud credentials to connect the phone to the app remotely. If it is configured, you can hack the phone.

Step 5: Log in

Now, you have to log in to your spying account from your phone. Use your account credentials to log in. After you have logged in, you can go to the control panel option and choose any hacking function to hack the phone.

Step 6: Hack

You can choose any hacking feature and get all the details on the dashboard. All the hacked information will be displayed on the dashboard of your spying account.


This is how you can easily hack a phone with a number. If you want to avoid the complicated procedure, you can go with an alternate way to hack a phone. People mostly prefer a spying app as it is simple and easy to use.


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