Top Wireless Spy Camera for iPhone & Android

Top Wireless Spy Camera for iPhone & Android
Top Wireless Spy Camera for iPhone & Android

Top Wireless Spy Camera for iPhone & Android – overview of wireless spy camera

With the introduction of smartphones in today’s world, communication among individuals has enhanced and become seamless. Life has transformed for the common individual because of smartphones. With the help of smartphones, you can do many activities related to sharing videos and pictures. Moreover, one can use the smartphones for professional photography with the camera installed in it. However, the positive effect of smartphones sometimes takes a different turn. Many individuals try to keep watch on the children for unauthentic activities or may threaten the employees in an organization. To get rid of this many android phones and I phones are laden with spy cameras, which avoid such kind of undesired activities. Here you will see about the best wireless spy camera for leading Smartphone.

Top Wireless Spy Camera for iPhone & Android - overview of wireless spy camera
Top Wireless Spy Camera for iPhone & Android – overview of wireless spy camera

About the wireless spy cameras

Spy cameras are the popular gadget for aiding individuals in surveillance activities either for domestic or industrial purpose. Spy cameras use wireless technology for doing surveillance activities. Most of the spy cameras can be used through android and IOS systems. Spy cameras are generally useful for the individuals who are not at home and whose family is alone at home. To avoid any threat to the family you can take the help of spy cameras. In addition, it is helpful for the organization that wants to monitor activities of the employees in the office. There are many ways through which one can use the wireless spy camera. One method is through the help of software and the other is through the IP webcam.

Start having access to the wireless spy camera

There are two methods through which you can make the use of spy camera. The ( will inform you about these two methods.

Through video streamer software

Download the video streamer software from ( on your smartphones. It is compatible with both android and IOS device. Once you install the video streamer software register your mobile phone with the software.

After you download the software click on the menu option in the application and generate the security protected password, which is not subjected to decryption. After entering the password details go to the camera option and click the save button.

You will see the CID code on the screen. Note down this code and start spying. Ensure that you place the camera strategically so that no one knows about the presence of spy camera.

Start Video Streamer at:

Through the IP webcam method

IP webcam method is the most popular and reliable spy camera application. The application supports the video streaming and many other advance options.

Download the application on the device, whether android or IOS. After downloading, register with the details of the phone.

Once you open the application, edit the details like password and the recording technique and some more settings related to frames per second, image quality and image size.

After you have edited the settings, you have to start the server button for recording. You will see a port number and IP address on the screen. But don’t skip to write down the id.

After the above formalities, start spying by activating the camera and then place the camera strategically. While in operation you can configure the settings of the camera according to the objective you want to get fulfilled.

Best wireless spy camera for you to spy on Android

Conbrov portable camera

In the list of android wireless spy cameras available in the market, this one is the smallest. User can connect it with the Wi-Fi network by accessing point and also by using P2P mode. It records the voice and also records the videos. The good focal distance gives a clear picture of individual trying to threaten someone in the home. The power back up gives the camera a decently long time recording.

Phylink covert security camera

The wireless security comes with 720p HD resolution recording. Apart from the Ethernet services it also gives USB card for storing of the data. The camera sensor is very portable and can be placed anywhere across the room. It supports MAC computers, windows and also it comes with free software. If any eventuality takes place at your home or in office this spy camera intimates you with emails and push notifications. Moreover, you can see the visuals and can also hear it.

Wireless camera for iPhone

Spy camera wireless

This wireless camera comes with a compact lens so that the camera will be able to capture the videos even through the small areas. The captured videos are full of clarity and can detect motion and send the alarm messages, if any threat is observed or detected. The best thing about this wireless camera is that it can record the videos round the clock on the support of micro card.

Fredi hidden camera

This hidden camera is capable of special features like infra-red night vision and real-time recording with wide-angle lens. This camera supports up to more than 100 GB of video recording. The light shut in the night. It stores the data in the micro card and a good amount of data can be stored. You need to charge the camera before using it. Adjusting of date and time is possible. Moreover, this camera supports the loop recording and older recordings are automatically erased. The battery backup of this camera is very good as it gives you a longer video recording.

Mini camera

The look of the camera is very deceptive as it is mistaken as a charging adapter. It permits a user to watch online footage using the Smartphone from anywhere. The videos recorded by the camera are in the loop. The best way of this camera is that it eliminates the older videos and brings in fresh recordings.


From the above article it can be inferred that if you get aware about the Top Wireless Spy Camera for iPhone & Android, you can avoid mishap in your surroundings and can effectively use the wireless camera for spying on device.


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