Top 8 Remote Spy Apps for Android & iPhone

Top 8 Remote Spy Apps for Android & iPhone
Top 8 Remote Spy Apps for Android & iPhone
Review: Top 8 Remote Spy Apps for Android & iPhone


List of the top 8 remotely spy application for iPhone and Android phones. You can also view all the activities for the targeted person in real-time.

  • #1 TheTruthSpy
  • #2 FoneTracker
  • #3 FreePhoneSpy
  • #4 XySpy
  • #5 SpyZee
  • #6 PhoneTracking
  • #7 SpyEra
  • #8 SpyMug
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What Is The Top 8 Remote Spy Apps/Software For Android & iPhone

The need for spying someone else cell phones is increasing day by day. People are getting more interested in what is going on in others’ phones than minding their own business. However, there are some serious cases where one has to spy on someone else for protecting them from any danger. This is seen where some parents are always worried about their children’s day to day activity. They want to make sure that their child is always safe. It is not always possible that they can be present with their children all the time and protect them always. Thus they use many spy applications to monitor their Childs activity.

What Is The Top 8 Remote Spy Apps/Software For Android & iPhone
What Is The Top 8 Remote Spy Apps/Software For Android & iPhone

Other reasons

Also, there are cases that many of the business companies are using spying application to spy on their workers working on their organization. The employers are tracking the employee’s location all the time to know where they are during their working hours. On the other hand, spying application is also used by many lovers who want to see what their loved ones are doing, where are they, what are they talking, or to whom are they talking, are they cheating or lying with them, etc. The reasons are many, but the solution is one. With the help of just one spy application, one can do a lot of things altogether.

But now the question arises which is the best spying application in the market today for Android and iPhone. This is a little tricky to search because there are many applications available to track phones easily. Fortunately, we are here with this article to help you know: which is the best 8 remotely spying application present in the competitive market today.

Today anyone can spy and monitor cell phone activities without the target person knowing about it easily. A great spying tool will offer services like reading the text messages, tracking the multimedia files of the phone, monitoring the social media application in the targeted phone, knowing the GPS location by sitting away from the phone, record and hear phone calls, etc. These are the very few features mentioned here, but to know all the features of the best spy application, please read the article further.

List of the top 8 remotely spy application for iPhone and Android phones

#1 TheTruhSpy

#1 TheTruhSpy
#1 TheTruhSpy

TheTruhSpy is the best spying application which is highly suggested you download if you want to monitor or spy anyone. It is present there at first position on our listing because it is widely used and most loved application by many people all around the world. There are millions of users all around the globe who are currently using this spy application. TheTruhSpy offers more than 25 features to all its new and old customers. Some of the unique features are mentioned below:

Thus to download this best application for spying you can click to the link here: (

#2 FoneTracker

#2 FoneTracker
#2 FoneTracker

It is the second-best spy application in our top 8 listings today. It is the best parental control spying application if you want to spy on your children’s day to activities. This application is easily available for the iPhone, Android, and other operating device users. On top of that this app offers extremely affordable pricing to all its new and old users. It is also easy to install FoneTracker on your phone. The app is so modernized that it is providing a user-friendly interface to all of its users. The best part is that it has 24×7 support services with more than 15 features. You can also view all the activities for the targeted person in real-time.

#3 FreePhoneSpy

#3 FreePhoneSpy
#3 FreePhoneSpy

This application was designed for users who are in search of spying software at affordable pricing. With the help of this tool, one can monitor multiple devices like Mac, PC, smartphone, tablets, etc. This application also offers special features like ambient noise recording, real-time GPS location tracking, SMS, calls, multimedia, social media application spying, etc. On top of that, you can also see the history of messages on Facebook, what’s an app, etc. it also offers features like SIM card notification in which can easily get notified when the target person is changing the SIM card.

#4 XySpy

This application allows you to remotely control the targeted device by knowing all the information which is there on the phone. You can view the calls, text, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, messenger, gallery, location, Viber, Skype, emails, call logs, etc. This application provides easy to use interface so that people do not face any difficulty while using XNspy for monitoring purposes. It also offers features like recording the noise in the surrounding where the phone is present.

#5 SpyZee

With the help of this app, you can easily retrieve the information lost before the targeted person. The best part to select this application is that you don’t have to require any rooting of the device. The app is highly used for tracking the location of the suspect, knowing the contact list, see the text messages, calls, email details, etc. On the other hand, it is also capable of monitoring the most popular social media software like Facebook, Instagram, snap chat, etc. SpyZee comprises of some of the advanced features like screen capturing, Keylogger, call recording, and many more. The best to select this app is that it works on stealth mode, thus the target person will never come to know about your spying process at all.

#6 PhoneTracking

This is the best application present in the market to monitor or spy your child day to day activities and protect them after knowing if anything is wrong. There are many features offered by PhoneTrackinglike you can record calls of the targeted person, also you can see the real location where the targeted device is, no matter if the option is on or off. It offers the best customer care services, they are always present to help their customers. They provide the option of live chats with staff. This way you can seek help with them easily in case of any issue.

#7 SpyEra

This is the 7 application in our list which is also one of the best spy apps. It helps you to record the call and save it for any future purposes. But for this, you have to activate the microphone option first. Along with all this, you can also view all the multimedia files at the same time as recording calls.

#8 SpyMug

It is the last spy application in our listing which is best for spying via spy tool. It is highly capable of monitoring web browsing history, SMS, recording calls as well as text, etc. It works well in any android and iPhone devices. It is easy to use because you can see all the information stored in the device straightaway from the targeted phone. On the other hand, it has a great option in which you can view the keystrokes. This way you can easily see the keystrokes entered on the phone you are spying on or wanted to spy. On the other hand, some features offered by SpyMug are gathering data of browsers used, messenger, email application, etc.


This was the top 8 spy application form which you can now start spying from remote areas without even the suspected person knowledge.