TheTruthSpy: The best device monitoring software

TheTruthSpy is a utility software. As the name suggests, it is mainly used for spying purposes. Thanks to this monitoring tool, you can now remotely monitor your laptops, tablets, computers and smartphones. This software has burst on the scene ever since the concept of monitoring devices came up. It is indeed the ultimate tool that lets individuals monitor text messages, Whatsapp messages, location, call logs, and many more. The best part of this software is its compatibility and accessibility.

It is very well compatible with all the standard operating system platforms that are used by every individual in their day to day life such as Android, Windows, Mac OS, iOS, etc. It can be downloaded from any browser. All an individual needs to do is visit TheTruthSpy’s official website. The installation process is extremely fast as well. On a standard Internet connection, the installation will take about 5 minutes.

Try it now

For individuals who would like to try this tool before purchasing it, TheTruthSpy has a demo version. Individuals can try out this demo version for a stipulated period of time, though most features are locked in this version. One thing that’s for certain is that once you try this software, you will definitely purchase it! This software will track all sorts of activities in the background of a device without the user knowing a thing. What makes this software the best in its class? Well, a combination of 256-bit encryption system, 24 x 7 customer care service and a control panel with the easiest tools makes this software the best in its class.

Make it easy

This software lets you monitor your messengers be it the Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Hangouts or any other without the user even getting a hint. Another astonishing aspect regarding this product is that it makes tracking multiple devices from a single device easier than ever. All an individual needs to do is sign in with appropriate accounts. Despite an exceedingly handy interface, if you face any sort of problem as far as controlling and monitoring devices are concerned, TheTruthSpy’s 24 x 7 customer service will be more than willing to aid you via email, phone or chat.

Another aspect of this device is that it lets you store and backup data securely without any sort of corruption. In addition to this, it also lets you export data and logs to the master phone. This is a feature that is unique to TheTruthSpy.

Popular Features

We have been discussing the features of this software all along. Here are a few more that ought to add to the equation. Listed below are a few features of this product that are popular all across the globe:


  • GPS Tracking:


This is one of the most advanced technological features this device has to offer. It lets you monitor the location of the individual you are supposedly spying on.


  • Pictures and Videos:


This software lets an individual see all the pictures and videos that are captured using the device that is being monitored.


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