How to spy Text Messages without Jailbreak

No matter how many phones are launched each day, Apple continues to be the best. There are various reasons behind it. The power, efficiency and magnificence of Apple phones are incomparable. The exclusive app store available has variety of online apps. The security features apple enables it its products are much better than the features on other phones. It is really a great thing but sometimes it becomes a heck. Apple users don’t have much freedom like android users. Apple users cannot use certain type of applications. Apple tries to keep its users away from harmful apps and gives you the best. If someone wants to use any third-party app which is not available in Apple store, then the person needs to jailbreak the phone.


Jailbreaking is the process of removing restrictions Apple has applied on its devices. Once it is done, user is free to download, install and use app from any web source. Jailbreak has its own consequences. It may prove dangerous for the device. It can potentially break your device and many spyware apps can harm the Iphone devices. It raises a number of security and privacy issues. It may enable you to track your child’s activity but it can put them in more danger actually. That is why it is not advised to try your hand in jailbreaking because ultimately it is going to affect your device’s security and invites dangers.

If jailbreaking is not an option, then how can we spy an Apple product?  Is it possible to track an iPhone without jailbreaking? The answer is YES. Various softwares like TheTruthSpy are created to resolve this issue. Mostly people have no idea about these softwares.  These softwares let parents keep track of their children’s activities and monitor their iPhone activities. Moreover, these softwares are quite simple to use. All of these softwares are computer based and thus do no harm to iPhone. Using such software, you can easily track your child’s messages (both incoming and outgoing) with other information like call logs, browsing history etc. some apps can monitor the activities on Social media too.

I am putting here an example app to clear the point. The app I am using is TheTruthSpy. Most of the apps have similar working.

Step 1: First of all, you need to buy the TheTruthSpy app from its official website and download it in your own device. There is no need to install TheTruthSpy on target device, just install it in your computer system.

Step 2: After installing the app you need to fill the Apple credentials of the target user. You can track more than one device by adding their credentials. So, if your kid is using more than one apple devices it is quite simple to track all of them.

Step 3: The software takes a few minutes to backup all the previous data and information. Once backup is done you can check the real-time movements of your kid.

This software offers a great opportunity to parents.  With more features:

– Track Location real time
– Social Chats monitoring such as Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook, Skype
– Text message Spy
– Call Logs & Call Recording
– Ambient Voice Recording
– Contact Logs & Media History


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