How You Can Easily Spy On Viber Messages

Do you want to spy on Viber? If yes, we can assist you. Viber is a messenger app like WhatsApp. Although it is not as famous as WhatsApp, many people use it. It has similar features. You can easily chat as well as call using this app. You can send multimedia as well. Because of all these reasons, it is essential to spy on Viber. There are very ways to spy on Viber. In this post, we will show you how to spy on Viber easily. These ways are straightforward. You don’t need to use any complicated tools are need any hacking knowledge to use these ways.

Viber Spying

Viber Spying

Viber is an instant messenger app. Although it is advantageous, it can be quite dangerous, especially if kids are using this app. As a parent, you need to monitor your kids and know what they are doing online. By spying on Viber, you can read all the chats, group chats, and personal messages. You can check all the Viber contact details along with the picture. Moreover, you can check all the photos, videos, audio, and other files shared on Viber. You can spy on Viber voice as well as video call logs. By spying on Viber, you can view all the Viber activities.

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Reasons to Spy on Viber

As we have discussed above, Viber can be really dangerous if young kids are using it without any guidance. Kids can be easily bullied online. They can be harassed, blackmailed, or tortured. Kids can also fall into bad habits. You need to control and monitor them to avoid anything wrong happening to them.

You can also spy on Viber to know if your partner is cheating on you. Cheating partners tend to use different messenger apps to stay safe.

Want to Spy on Viber Messages?

Here are some easy ways to spy on the Viber app. You can choose any of these methods.

QR Code

QR Code

You can use Viber on the other device by using the QR code option. It works the same as WhatsApp web. If you want to learn how to spy on Viber using a QR code, follow these steps.

  • Step 1: Download Viber App on an alternate device. It is safe to download it on your phone or laptop to spy secretly.
  • Step 2: Choose the device platform and click on the downloading link to download the Viber app, which is compatible with your device.
  • Step 3: Enter your details in the app
  • Step 4: Get the victim’s phone to scan the QR code
  • Step 5: Open Viber app on the victim’s phone and go to settings and then choose QR code
  • Step 6: Scan the code
  • Step 7: Keep the phone away and start spying on Viber

TheTruthSpy App

TheTruthSpy App
TheTruthSpy App

You can also use the TheTruthSpy app to spy on Viber. This method is easy, safe, and accurate. Follow these steps to use this option.

Step 1: Setup

First, you have to set up the app. For an android phone, you have to set up the app manually. You have to access the phone and download the spying app from the website at After that, you have to install the app. Once it is installed, log in and hide the app. It will run in the background in hidden mode.

Step 2: Sign up

Now, you need to create a spying account. It would be best if you spied using this account on your device. To create an account, you need to open the app and go to the Signup option. There, you have to enter your email id to create your account.

Step 3: Log in for your device

Now, you have to log in to your spying account from your own device to spy on Viber.

Step 4: Choose Viber

Now, go to the control panel and choose Viber Spy to spy on all Viber activities.


These are the two methods to spy on the Viber app. You can choose any of these options. Moreover, spying app options are safer. You can get accurate spying results in a few simple steps.


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