How to Spy on Boyfriend’s Phone without Him Knowing

Proven ways to spy on a boyfriend’s device without letting him know

The girlfriends are having a question in mind that how can I do spy on my boyfriend when gets any doubt on their boyfriends. When a girlfriend is not responded by her boyfriend, she wonders whether any other person is there in the life of him. The only best solution that she gets is to spy on the phone without letting boyfriend know.

Proven ways to spy on a boyfriend’s device without letting him know
Proven ways to spy on a boyfriend’s device without letting him know

The circumstances without any doubt can be harmful and spying on partner is the suitable path to figure out all that is going on. One need not have to worry if upset with the situation, definitely through phone monitoring one will get the answers to all the questions that are there in the mind. Here you will learn to spy on boyfriend’s phone without letting him know. Let us know how this can be implemented in a hassle free way.

Start accessing TheTruthSpy App

Accessing TheTruthSpy app will surely prove out it be the outstanding way to spy on boyfriend’s Smartphone. This app not only spies on boyfriend’s device but also on wife/husband, children, and employee device as well. This application is designed to track the different data of the target person phone. It will help a hacker to know the reality of the boyfriend by undergoing spying and monitoring all the implemented activities. This tool is easy to use and is having a user-friendly interface. The amazing fact about the app is that a person can remotely do the monitoring of the boyfriend’s phone with it.

Follow the procedure to spy on boyfriend’s phone

Creating a user account

Tap on the option “Try it now” and get navigated to the sign-up page. You must necessarily sign-up to TheTruthSpy app account. Fill in the email address and password and ensure remember those forever.

Provide all details of target user

On the next page, a user must fill in the details of the target user that is to be spied. After that, you are needed to choose the OS. You must tap on the android icon or apple logo to track iOS or Android OS respectively.

Setup the app

For android, a user must get the target person phone and download and install TheTruthSpy tool from ( Start Signing up by providing it all essential permissions. Setup will be completed as soon as you hit on option “Start Monitoring”.

For iOS, you must fill in iCloud ID and password that target uses. Hit on verify and start verifying.

Start spying on boyfriend device

Head into TheTruthSpy and sign in with the account setup earlier. Look at the online dashboard and tap on the spying option to monitor the cell phone activities accordingly.

When spying becomes compulsory on boyfriend’s phone

To spy on boyfriend device without letting him know is a bad idea but some situation comes when a girlfriend is unwontedly forced to do so. Here are a few situations when the need for it arises-

  • When you found him lying and cheating- If you found the friend lying and feel that he is disloyal then it’s time for you to monitor the records.
  • When he ignores you- It will be greatly disappointing when you ask him for outing and he is not ready for it. Even he avoids commuting with you and mostly he uses the phone. To get the hint of what is going on, monitoring must be done.

Spy app features provided

  • Location tracking– ThetruthSpy app gives its user access to the real-time location of the target person. This feature will trace the live location of the suspect on the map and with all whereabouts of location including previous ones.
  • Spy on text messages Text message spy is another feature offered by the app that helps him or her to spy on all incoming and outgoing messages. The content of the messages with sender/receiver info will be known.
  • Hidden call recorderThis feature is added to allow a person to listen to the live calls that are dialed or received at the target phone. The calls are recorded secretly and uploaded in high quality on the app online dashboard.
  • Read call logs The list of call logs are listed in chronological order on the application online control panel. A user can read out the list to know with whom the target has commuted till now. The information of call logs like date, time, location, call maker and call receiver details are shown.
  • View media files- The media files such as videos, photos, and screenshots are shown at the app dashboard with full clarity. One can download it and save it.
  • WhatsApp spy This is amazing plus point added to TheTruthSpy app and lets a user know all about it like chats, updated status, shared media files, etc.
  • Readout contacts- The app read out the details of all saved contacts into the target device phonebook. The name, number, profile picture, etc are seen easily.
  • Records internet usability- The app records internet usage details. It shows the complete list of all sites visited, URLs typed ion search bar and browsed. Additionally, the app is good at viewing all content downloaded.

More qualities

  • Compatible app
  • Block websites
  • Facebook/snapchat/twitter/Instagram spy
  • Key Logger
  • Records applications usages
  • 100% untraceable app
  • Surrounding noise recoding
  • Deliver accurate results

Things to keep in mind when selecting the app

  • Read out the reviews given at the app site
  • Look at the offered features by the spy tool
  • Check out the compatibility of the app
  • See how better the customer care service is
  • Check out the application legitimacy


So this wall all about TheTruthSpy app and also we have mentioned other proven ways to spy on boyfriend’s device. But TheTruthSpy is the best one for you to use.


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