How to Spy on iPhone without jailbreak

iPhone is known for best security features. Usually it is very difficult to jailbreak the apple devices because the company keeps coming up with new updates every year. However, how hard the company try we all know that loopholes are always left. Surprisingly it is quite easy to jailbreak iPhone. You can spy on an iPhone by simply installing some app. These apps are versatile enough to cover each and every followed step. These apps also help you to keep back up of the phone. This feature is quite useful for persons who do their most of the business over phone.

How to Spy on iPhone without jailbreak
How to Spy on iPhone without jailbreak

This ever-growing technology has led to a new curiosity. We all have an urge to check what other person is doing on his phone, his WhatsApp messages and other private things. Morally it is not a good thing to do but when it comes to your teen’s safety or your partner’s loyalty it is fine to track their activities. Sometimes tracking is the best thing to-do when you don’t trust your employees. The best thing is you can track the activities of the target without the risk of getting caught. I am going to show you how to spy on iPhone without jailbreak.

An excellent monitoring app is a must if you want to spy on an IOS device, without installing software. Obviously, iCloud credentials are required. The Apple Id of the phone can be collected from the packaged material, instruction manuals, or from the device the box came with. There are two common iPhone monitoring software which are exclusively known for their spying features: TheTruthSpy. This software completes its job without access to target phone and that too in stealth mode.

This is the step wise procedure to Spy on iPhone:

  1. First of all, subscribe to the license of TheTruthSpy. Buying this app is the ultimate step. You can easily buy it from its official website. From this website, you will have a clear idea about the cost and usage of this app.
  2. After subscribing this app, you will receive a welcome mail. Follow each and every step described in the mail to set up the app. Turn on the features you like to access. The common accessible features are
  • Texts
  • Phone Calls
  • Videos and Photos
  • GPS Tracking
  • Web history and emails
  • Social Media Use
  • App Data
  1. Once you get the set-up wizard, fill every blank space accordingly. After completing set-up, log in to your account and using control panel you can target or monitor iPhone activities. You can access the account from your iPhone or PC.

This is it. Now you know how to spy on iPhone without jailbreak. Till then sit back and relax. This is a very simple process and these apps work in stealth mode. The target will never come to know that he is being monitored.


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