How to Secure WhatsApp From Being Hacked on iOS

These days the world is living on various social networking and chatting apps like the WhatsApp. These have led to great era socialization throughout the globe. There are rarely any people without WhatsApp in their Android and iOS mobile phones. These apps have been emerging as the essential parts of human life in the auto tech age. With the use of these chatting apps there comes the need to secure the device and chats over it. There are many security apps also to protect your conversations from being hacked. These apps let you be at ease concerning the safety of your WhatsApp account.

The Need for Security

WhatsApp chats are not just simple texts but a combination of photos, videos, and many others. These data may also involve a lot of personal information which can be misused by someone else. It’s like winning a jackpot for the wicked minds if you leave your WhatsApp account without any security and privacy. Therefore it is very necessary to protect the WhatsApp account on your device. There has been a considerable growth in the technological field. Therefore there are many such apps which are designed specially, for providing the best security to the devices and the chats.

WhatsApp security tips

Along with apps and techniques for safety, Listed below are some ways to protect your WhatsApp account.

  • Lock the App: You should always prefer to use app locks to protect them from being snooped by others. There are many private chats which need to hidden from others. Therefore it is always suggested to use chat locks. This will prevent the other person from reading your conversations.
  • WhatsApp images appearing in the Photo Roll: Change the app settings and avoid the pictures exchanged on WhatsApp from appearing in the picture gallery of the device. This way the images will not be accessible to anyone else and will remain safe.
  • Hide the last seen timestamp: This may however not seem to be so important but the last seen may convey a lot about your current position. This can be a guide to someone to keep track of your activities. Someone can misuse this information against you to cause harm. Therefore it is good to hide last seen on your account.
  • Restrict access to profile picture: You can restrict people from accessing the WhatsApp profile picture. This can be done easily by changing the app setting. This is important so that no one can misuse your picture.

Why to Use an Application?

The tips mentioned above are very easily applicable to the normal lifestyle. This will improve the security while using WhatsApp. But to ensure safety in a better way you need to take help from some best security apps. These apps provide you with all essential features and minimize the pressure on you. These technologies are accurate and have least chances of any mistakes. The use of security apps to protect WhatsApp chats from being hacked will undoubtedly prove to be the best for you.

Therefore you may now enjoy chatting and that too with complete security.


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