How to hack WhatsApp messages without access to phone

How about checking Whatsapp messages from someone’s phone without even touching it? This thought is enlightening, thrilling and happening at the same time. It is probably a dream for lots of persons to hack the Whatsapp account of one’s spouse, colleague or teenager kid.

WhatsApp is one of the most trending messenger apps these days.  Over 20 billion messages and 400 million photos are exchanged over whatsapp every day which is approximately double to facebook. Some researchers and analysts confirm that due to easy access of Whatsapp infidelity is become a very common problem these days. According to a report in 2014 Whatsapp alone is the basis of divorce in 40% cases.

In case, you suspect your partner or you doubt that your kid is involved in any inappropriate activity you should spy whatsapp messages online.

Spying whatsapp on android phone is not such an easy task. This entire thing is based on ideas and tricks. In order to perform this task, you require these things:

Firstly, you need a good WhatsApp spy app. TheTruthSpy are preferred.

Windows PC.

Java Runtime Environment and APK Icon and Name Changer should be installed on your desktop.

If you have all these pre-requisites you can move further with the procedure of hacking.

Step 1:  Start the process of installation of the software from Go to login When you will agree to the license of software you will receive an activation mail. Follow the mail. Log in into your online account by entering a valid username and password.  You will get your software activation code during the installation process. After the activation of software, relax and wait. Software will take a few minutes to capture the data.

Step 2: To avoid any kind of doubt or stir in target’s mind, change the name of the folder from TheTruthSpy to System Service. It will ease the purpose of tricking. We will also change the picture icon of the app. It will avoid every kind of chaos.

Step 3: Download any image either of dollar or money sign or any other image and put it as the picture icon of the System Service.

You are totally safe after changing the name and icon of the app successfully. You can manipulate the target to install this app on his/her phone. Make a story and try to convince them.

You can say that some friend has created this app and we have to download this app for testing purpose. Send this app to target over mail and along with it send the activation code you received while purchasing the software. Further, convince them that this app will survey how we use our cellphones for 10 days. 10 days are quite enough to reveal the truth. Probably this is almost a clean trick to spy on someone’s whatsapp.

The sales team of TheTruthSpy is 24*7 active, if you have any doubts you can easily drop a message on the website. You will get a proper answer immediately.


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