Common Myths about Cell phone Tracking

Many of us are of the opinion that it will be possible to see mobile phone tracking in fiction movies alone. But, it is now a possibility to the surprise of many of us. With the advancement of technology, people are taking all sorts of steps to ensure their digital surveillance. There is a wide range of applications that are available nowadays that permit people to keep track of cellphones and they can also monitor the activities of the holder the mobile phone remotely. Even though, the availability of mobile phone tracking applications is a reality, there are many myths prevailing around this concept and let us explore some of them.

First myth:

You can protect yourself from being spied by putting your phone in airplane mode:

Unless and until you have escaped from police or has been escaping from the hands of law, the legal authorities will not have any reason to track on you. Airplane mode is something that turns off your mobile phone’s service and also Wi-Fi and so your phone will enter the ‘do not disturb’ mode. However, this does not mean that your phone cannot be tracked. The reason for this is that mobile phone tracking applications work via GPS system, which generally works through satellite. You might not be aware of the fact that there are two separate operating systems in your phone. The first system is a direct interface between your device and the consumer, while the other is the direct link between your device and the cell phone network. When you take your device to Airplane mode, the latter connection will be disconnected, but the former will stay active, which means that you can still be tracked.

But, if you will have to completely turn off your phone, you can cut of signals completely. When there are not signals that transmit from your phone, it will not be possible to track you. For effective results, you can also take off the battery. The reason is that some phones even though they tend to show that the phone is turning off, it will just be a spoof because of the presences of malware.

Second myth:

It is not possible to hack with computer of another person:

With the present advancement of technology, you can monitor any cellular phone or computer from anywhere in the world as long as you have web access. But, it is possible only to monitor, but not control other devices. The purpose of spying or hacking is completely your choice, but the thing to remember here is that there is technology to help you.

Third myth:

It is not possible to install tracking application on phones that you do not own:

This is the most important concern of people, who wish to track on others. They are of the opinion that just because the device is not in their possession, it is not possible to install a spying application on it. The fact is that you just need the phone for few minutes to install and to activate the application and then you can keep tracking from your computer or phone or tablet with web access.


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