Choose best cell phone GPS tracker for Parental Control

Summary: Nowadays, many people own Android phone and installing a GPS tracker application on the phone without the knowledge of the owner will help the loving family member to keep track of the individual.

Choose best cell phone GPS tracker for Parental Control
Choose best cell phone GPS tracker for Parental Control

In general, GPS tracker is a device used in vehicles and it uses Global Positioning System for determining and for keeping track of the precise location of a vehicle. Earlier, it was used only on vehicles, but now it can be used on mobile phones in the form of GPS tracking applications that can be installed on to the target phone by any person to keep track of the individual who owns the phone. When the phone’s location is known, it is obvious that the owner will also be in the same place.

The power of smartphones made better:

Nowadays, smartphones are getting more and more powerful due to the powerful interface with which they come to the users. Not just for tracking an individual, it can also be used by the owner of the phone himself to easily identify his phone, when it is lost. Tracker applications can make the users more productive. If you are planning to install such a tracker application on your phone, here are the details about the top 5 GPS trackers for Android phones:

  1. GuestSpy:

This application is top on our list because it can help the worried family members like parent to keep track of their teen’s location. Even, the location of employees can be tracked by the employer when they are provided with phone along with a roaming job. Here is the list of features that can be enjoyed with this great application:

  • It will be possible to view a list of locations to which the target phone has travelled
  • When it comes to location details, complete details like latitude and longitude of the location can be known.
  • In addition, as the exact time and date of the different locations can be known, the employers can cross check the data submitted by roaming sales personnel with that of the data offered by the application to ensure the reliability of the employees.
  • Apart from this the employer need not have to run from pillar to post for gathering these details, he can just view the tracking details from the online control panel of GuestSpy at his convenient time via a phone or computer with internet access.
  1. Family Locator:

This is yet another GPS tracker application that makes use of the latest technology. This application will help in keeping track of friends and family, besides locating lost phone and finding bothering unknown call numbers.

  1. Find My Android Phone:

This is a powerful application for keeping track of a phone and its owner. A superior cell phone tracking technology is used by the creator of this app and so it can be more productive.

  1. Locate My Friends:

This app will of course help the users to keep track of their friends and they can also find a cell phone on the map. It will also help in finding direction for places.

  1. GPS Phone Tracker Pro:

This app will help in effective association with friends. For instance, if a gathering is arranged, it will help the users to identify which friend has arrived at the location and who has not.


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