How can Parents Can Spy on their Kids?

Parents do a whole lot of things at times and some of these activities are considered as something that is done for spying on their own kids. But, these activities done by parents are just simple safety measures and they state that they engage in these activities with a view to safeguarding their kids from any harm from external sources. Even, they want to protect their kid from the harm they create for themselves. It is highly recommended that parents of kids, particularly children should be aware of what does the kid browses on the web. It is also suggested that parents should know what their child shares on social media sites. The reason is that there are many illegal things happening in these areas, which can take the child to a wrong direction.

Most things happen through smartphones:

Nowadays, most parents are forced to present their kids with smartphones. Smartphones are loaded with everything that can affect the life of the child if not handled properly. For instance, they can get web access through their smartphone, they can handle social networking, they can chat through messenger applications and besides all these things they can just make and receive calls and can send and receive text messages through their phone, even if the phone does not get web access. So, it becomes important to spy on the activities that are done by the child through his/her smartphone. This is where the spying application called TheTruthSpy will be of great help to parents to stay rest assured about the safety of their kid.

How can parents be on the beneficial side?

Parents can just install this application on the mobile phone of their kid. This means that they should get access to the phone only for a few minutes to install the application. Once the installation is done, the activation can be done remotely without the requirement of the child’s phone. Once, the application is activated from a remote computer or mobile phone, it will continue to send details about every activity taking place on the child’s phone to theTruthSpy control panel. With their login details that parents get when they activate the application, parents can just access the details by visiting the control panel page of the application through any computer or mobile phone with web access.

Parents can know everything:

Once the application is installed and activated on the kid’s phone, it will help parents to get the following details through control panel:

  • Details about phone calls made and received along with name, number, time and date details.
  • Details of texts sent and received along with phone number, name and time and data log.
  • Details of websites visited
  • Details of social media activities of the child inclusive of chat conversations, photos shared and videos shared.
  • Location history of the kids

These are just a few features parents can enjoy with this application and they will be in a position to keep a complete eye of the mobile phone activities of the child in short.


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