Best 10 Couple Tracker Apps for iPhone and Android

Best 10 Couple Tracker Apps for iPhone and Android
Best 10 Couple Tracker Apps for iPhone and Android

Get Best 10 Couple Tracker Apps for iPhone and Android

Are you worried that your partner is cheating on you? Don’t know how to clear your doubts? In this article, we bring you out some of the best couple tracker apps which are useful for tracking your partner and knowing the truth. Many times you may be worried about them, may you call or text them and if they do not reply obviously you end up getting worried. But the good thing is with the help of these couple tracker apps, you can give yourself peace of mind by knowing about your partner whereabouts.

Get Best 10 Couple Tracker Apps for iPhone and Android
Get Best 10 Couple Tracker Apps for iPhone and Android

Besides these reasons, there are other reasons when you want to track their locations of your spouse. Well, couple tracker apps will help you knowing everything about your partner.

Ok! Here is the list of best couple tracker apps that work on Android and iPhone devices:

#1 TheTruthSpy

#1 TheTruthSpy
#1 TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy is an excellent couple tracker app you will found on the internet. It has the most efficient monitoring and management functions. Most of the couples use this app at all times to know their partner locations. You could even get access to the contacts, images, messages, and data that is stored in their phone. So you can know your partner lying to you or not. This app works on all type of operating systems such as android and iPhone. Moreover, it will not require bypassing the security of the phone. To download this app visit its official site via this link- (


  • Allows monitoring of incoming and outgoing messages and calls
  • Monitoring web browsing history
  • Check social media websites and browsing the history
  • Give access to social media accounts
  • Location history tracking is possible
  • Able to record keystrokes on the target device

#2 SpyMug

#2 SpyMug
#2 SpyMug

SpyMug is a free couple tracker app that is most helpful for you to know about your loved ones. So you can keep an eye on the whereabouts of your partner. Using this app you don’t have to keep sending messages and calling your partner to know their location.

Only you have to do is download this app on their phone and you can know where they are.


  • Monitoring browsing history
  • Real-time phone tracking
  • Accessing information from social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber and more
  • Allows monitoring live calls

#3 Couple Tracker

#3 Couple Tracker

With the help of a couple tracker app, you can share all the information with your partner remotely. This is the best way to share things when they are not up to you. By this, you can prevent your relationship before it gets spoil. You can know is it everything ok with you and your partner. If things are not right you can guide your partner.


  • Allows partner to track each other
  • Phone history tracking is possible
  • Location, text messages and calls can be exchanged
  • Deleted messages and calls can be accessed
  • It can be operated in multiple devices at one time

#4 FreePhoneSpy

This is the couple tracker app mainly designed for android devices. If your partner is making late-night calls you can know by using this app. You can also get know real time locations of partner using its GPS location feature. It is quite affordable available on the internet. However, it requires bypassing the security of an android device.


  • Provide notification and alerts if any changes are made by your partner in their phone
  • Social media tracking is possible
  • Remote controlling of the device is possible

#5 Family Locator

Family locator app is a complete couple tracker app. To get started with this app only you have do download this app on the target device. Even it has hidden mode so your partner never comes to know that he/she gets spied. It has excellent GPS monitoring system by which you can locate where your partner is. Only it requires an internet connection and that’s it! You can do complete monitoring of your partner whereabouts. It is specially designed for couples who are worried about their partner. Family locator app is best for ladies whose husbands do late night jobs.


  • As other tracking apps allow location tracking
  • Multiple device tracking is possible
  • family locator app account can be accessed from multiple locations
  • all type of conversations can be recorded
  • gives access to social media accounts such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc

#6 FoneTracker

FoneTracker app helps you to get closer with your partner. Using it you can know what your partner likes or dislike. After all, they spend more time using mobile phones and tracking their phones is the best way to know their whereabouts. Using the FoneTracker app you can create a private circle with your partner. Moreover, there is no secrete left behind with you and your partner.


  • Able to share locations
  • Give notifications and alerts
  • Detect any accidents or crashes
  • Low battery notification is possible

#7 SpyZee

With the help of SpyZee app, you can track the location of your partner remotely. Moreover, you can record the history of the location as a proof if you have doubts on your partner. This app works in almost all types of operating systems other than ios and Android. This is the right app for you if you are looking for the safety of your partner.


  • GPS location tracking is possible
  • Allows text message reading
  • Able to open the camera and click videos and pictures for live updates secretly
  • Gives access to the phone gallery
  • Give access to call logs and browsing the history

#8 XySpy

It is another great app for couples who are serious about their partner’s safety. XySpy app allows monitoring everything and location if the partner is in danger. Moreover, it allows knowing incoming and outgoing calls from the target phone.


  • give the live and past location of partner
  • allows accessing multimedia files
  • tracking browsing history
  • embedded keylogger feature

#9 MCouple

MCouple app is one of the most advanced apps which is used to know where your partner is. Furthermore, you can get all information remotely by just installing this app. Once you download this app you can turn on hidden mode. Therefore, you will get know activities your partner is doing on their phone.


  • It allows tracking location, address book and SMS that are made from the target device
  • Compatible in all types of operating systems
  • Able to track past travel locations

#10 SpyAdvice

SpyAdvice is again a great couple tracker app which helps to know what is behind weird behavior of your partner. Moreover, if you are not worried about your relationship you can use this app to ensure each other safety. Using this app you can know the location of the partner if they are late at night.


  • Location sharing option is available
  • Allows accessing incoming and outgoing calls
  • Give access to read sent and received messages
  • Allows accessing saved contact details

Final words

Even though all above-mentioned couple tracker apps are great, but they do compromise in some features. However, TheTruthSpy is one of the best tracker apps in the above list which does not have any demerits. Moreover, it is available in both for the free and paid version. Because of its user friendly interface is highly recommended for users.


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