If you wish to closely observe an individual, regardless of whether he is your family member or your employee, whom you doubt to share your company information, the best thing you can do is to install cell phone spy software on his phone. But, what makes an application, the best for surveillance would be your question and if a spying application has the following features, you can state that it is the best that will help you in experiencing a close observation of any individual.

Complete call details:

It is important that the spying application should provide you complete details about the phone calls made and received on the target phone. In addition, the application should provide you details about the missed calls as well. If a particular phone number is recorded with the name of an individual on the target phone, the application besides providing the phone number to which calls were made from the target phone should also provide the name of the contact. Furthermore, the application should provide you time and date records of each and every call made and received. Apart from this, you should be able to access the details remotely without accessing the target phone. The report should be provided to you in downloadable format, such that if you find some numbers alone, you can find out the actual owner of the number. All these facilities with respect to calls are provided by TheTruthSpy, which is known to be an efficient spying application that will be of great help to you in surveillance.

Complete text details:

Nowadays, reports state that most mobile phone users use texting as the communication medium as compared to calling their friends. So, it is highly important any application can be called as the best cell phone spy software only when it provides access to the text messages sent and received from the target phone. Like calls, besides providing access to the text messages, the application should provide the facility to read the messages along with date and time logs. These features are available in theTruthSpy and so you can rely on this application as the best one for surveillance.

Social media and web activities:

Social media is another greatest communication medium for most smartphone users. So, the best application should provide you with complete details about the social media activities on the target phone. Under this category, every detail right from media files shared and received to chat conversations made through instant messaging services offered by some social media applications should be provided to you. This facility is also offered by TheTruthSpy.

Should be completely undetectable:

More than anything else, it is highly important that the application should function undetectably from the target phone. Yes, your guess is right TheTruthSpy once installed on the active phone and activated through a remote location will continue to function undetectable from the target phone, providing you complete details about the activities taking place on the phone remotely. All these features make TheTruthSpy as the best cell phone spy software for your surveillance requirements.


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