Best 7 Open Source Employee Monitoring Software

The 7 best Open Source Employees Monitoring Software

No matter whether you are working in a big MNC company or small organization, employee monitoring is considered essential for employers. Now would ask what is employee monitoring? Well, this is a tactic that is mainly used by the managers or organization owners of the company to monitor the activities, employee’s productivity and performance. But the most essential reason to use the monitoring tactic is to make sure that the essential assets and documents of the company are safe and are not shared by the rivals.

The 7 best Open Source Employees Monitoring Software
The 7 best Open Source Employees Monitoring Software

With the help of such tactics, you can gather important data of the employees which in turn helps you in analyzing employee’s behavior, the pattern of working and correlation with others in improving the productivity. It is considered essential for you to monitor the employees so that you can get the overall picture within and outside the premises. To monitor the working of employees you just need to have an application. These applications will help you in knowing what your employees do when you are in the organization, reasons that are decreasing the productivity of your company and more.

There are a number of applications available that you can use to monitor your employees, if you are also the one then do read this article that will entail you about the top 7 best open source employee monitoring software.

The best 7 employee monitoring software-

1# TheTruthSpy

1# TheTruthSpy
1# TheTruthSpy

When you are seeking for the best employee monitoring application software, then this application is the best. Coming first in the list of top 7 monitoring software, this application offers its users various benefits and features which no other software will provide. The application is an all-in-one app that is specially designed for various monitoring and tracking purposes like employee monitoring. The application can also be used for finding a lost phone.

It consists of various unique features that will let you know which employee is sharing the details with your rivals, the reason behind the decreased productivity and more. The application helps you spy on call details of your employees, spying on SMS and text messages, IM chats and location tracking. All these features enable the user to get all the information of their employee through the online control panel available with this app. To use this application you just have to follow few simple steps-

  • Visit the official website by the given link below
  • Hit the download option for downloading the app
  • Start the installation process
  • Create a new account using email id and password
  • Access all the data through an online control panel

These few simple and easy steps will help you get all the information of all the employees working in your company. You just have to install the app on their device and agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned on the website.

You can download TheTruthSpy:

For Android:

For iPhone:

2# Screenshot monitor

2# Screenshot monitor
2# Screenshot monitor


It is another best monitoring app through which you can monitor the activities of your employees and take the screenshots every hour that is why it is named by screenshot monitor. In every few hours, the application will send you three screenshots of the employees. In addition to this, it will also send you the desktop notification. With this app, you can even keep the records of the screenshots that are taken online. But, this application can monitor 2 employees at a time and its storing capacity is very less. The application will perform the work and immediately send you the notification of the screenshot.

3# AppSpy free keylogger

3# AppSpy free keylogger
3# AppSpy free keylogger


It is a keylogger that is available with some of the brilliant features like installation of the app with password protection. This monitoring software remains open after its installation so that it can easily monitor the target device all the time. Since the application is password protected, it unable the employee to make any kind of changes in the system.

There are other features also that are offered by this app like a clipboard, screenshots, keystroke, mouse activity and more. You just have to install the app on an employee’s phone and create a password. Now, can anytime check the activities; done by the target person on his or her device.

4# StatWin Single Lite


The application is similar to the keylogger app that can easily monitor employee’s activity on the computer. The application provides several details of the user like starting time, process name, time for execution of specific program and more. It is similar to the screenshot monitor and keeps the details recorded. You just have to install the app on an employee’s computer and open the app.

5# PC screen watcher


It is simple and handy software used for monitoring the activities of employees. You can easily see the activities of employees on your email address. The application is also password protected software similar to keylogger app and allow the user to hide the app icon. This means that the target person will never be able to trace that his or her PC is traced by anyone. On the other hand, it will record all the activities of the user.

6# RescueTime


It is cloud-based monitoring software that can efficiently monitor the employee’s computer and other activities. With the help of this monitoring application, you can monitor which all websites and apps the employee is using. You can use this app to monitor employees at the time of project completion so that you can easily get the weekly report of the employees. But, to use this app you have to first download this application which is free of cost.

7# Hubstaff


This is the seventh most useful employee monitoring app that is available with some of the useful features like tracking of mouse and keyboard activities, screenshot storage and time tracking. You can even download this app software on any device operating system. The app is a cross-platform that will allow you to perform monitoring activity for free. But, its paid version is also available that is also beneficial for the users as it allows users to enjoy other features of this app.


So, these are 7 best employee monitoring open sources software available for you online. All the above-mentioned apps are best in their own ways, but if you are in need to do more than just computer monitoring then you should go with the first application that is TheTruthSpy. It is one of the basic and advanced applications that are available with all exciting features that will improve your experience in monitoring and provide you all the details that no other application could offer. The application is considered beneficial for any company where the employee gets the company’s cell phone and other essential gadgets for work. Hence, in this way you can monitor their activities even when you are not in the office.

The application has various advanced features which will make your monitoring process easier. The features include-

  • Read SMS and text messages
  • Instant call record
  • Track call logs
  • Keylogger
  • Monitor browsing history
  • Track reminders and calendar events
  • Access to social networking sites and apps
  • Undetectable
  • 100% compatible

There are many more features you can enjoy through this app. the only thing you need to do is install the app on the target device and get all the details in your hands. Now you can easily reveal which employee is cheating you and sharing the confidential information with others. It even helps you know where your company is lacking productivity hence it will provide you exact information where you can improve your company’s productivity.

So, without wasting much time install the app today on every employee’s phone and monitor all their activities without them knowing.


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