Best 10 Facebook Ads Spy Tools for Better Online Promotion

The Best 10 Facebook Ads Spy Tools for Better Online Promotion

Undoubtedly, Facebook is one of the most popular and leading social media networking platforms with an active user of around 2 billion from all over the globe. The giant networking platform gets used by the user to share, like, and comment posts that get posted by their friends, celebrities, professional businessman, family members, and other people. They used it for other purposes such as business promotion, personal use, and entertainment as well. You might be thinking the article has got the title as- the best 10 Facebook ads spy tools for better online promotion. Do not worry you will soon get it.

The Best 10 Facebook Ads Spy Tools for Better Online Promotion
The Best 10 Facebook Ads Spy Tools for Better Online Promotion

A large amount of businessman finds service of Facebook great that can be used to increase the liveliness of the brand and value. That’s why they prefer to promote the brand using the Facebook services. Since the Facebook promotional services are cost-effective and easy, businessman usually opts for such options. As the technology is getting evolved and advanced every single day, more and more entrepreneurs and businesses make use of it by switching to Facebook. The advent of innovation and technology provides Facebook ads spy app which is available easily in the market or the internet.

So, are you a businessman who wish to spy or hack onto the Competitors Facebook Ads, if yes, then this article can really help you. You will be able to precisely check what your competitors are up to using the tools of Facebook ads spy. So, searching best way so as to spy onto the competitors is an obvious deed. But how you can use a real Facebook Ads Spy application? That’s why the article defines to the users; stay tuned with it and gets most out it so as to make powerful strategies against your competitors.

About Facebook Spy Ads tools

The tools that get mentioned in the article will allow you to become aware of which Facebook ads the rival or competitor is using as well as known their strategies. Moreover, the deals and offers provided to the customers also get entailed in it.

The kind of marketing content such as the product image, links, posting videos, etc can be known in easy clicks. Whether the audience likes their post or not and their engagement can also be known. If you wish to refine Facebook target audience the theses data and information will be highly beneficial to you.

Let us assume that you did a mistake by taking orientation of the rival or competitor strategies and wish to eliminate the mistakes or err. In this case, investing the ads spying tool seems to be highly beneficial.

If something such as a strategy works well for your rival or competitor, it will surely work for you as well. You need to master their move and create tons of difference just like they did. So, let’s discuss some of the top Facebook ads spy tools in brief. This will be an outstanding and awesome article that will make a huge sum of bucks through mastering the moves.

Top ten tools to spy Facebook Ads without knowing someone


One of the leading and advanced Facebook Ad-spying tool available in the market is the PowerAdSpy. Using this outstanding and amazing tool to spy on competitors for more marketing strategies will be a right and reliable investment for your business. PowerAdSpy has more than one thousand people all over the globe who is presently watching and experiencing the best result of the Spying app that allow them to submit ads copies effectively. Surely, this application will be built a powerful ads database for the users.

You will be able to filter ads by relationship with interest, age, gender, keyword and simply what’s happening right in front on the landing page. The amazing tools easily spy on competitors and track their ads, angles with landing pages, creative’s from a single dashboard.


One of the renowned ads spying solution available on the web is AdPlexity with leading spying tools. Just by entering the platform, you will be able to monitor as well as download all the materials used for promos like a banner with a landing page that forms the most famous networks through ads exchanges.

There are plenty of things that make the executing of it well, but some of the provided services are suitable on Native, mobile, desktop, and API spying ads. All the successful campaign in 75 countries can be easily seen. The tools provided can serve you with real-time insights of the campaign that runs well on mobile and desktop.


Powerful Ad management spying tools make easy for the user to create creative and innovate powerful ads. Using these tools, you can develop as well as optimize advertising campaigns that truly works. It makes Facebook advertising affordable and easy for the medium as well as small business. In the tools, you will be able to test various variations with headlines, text, images, etc. The best thing makes updating process easier in every 30 minutes using the tools. The anatomy of ads gallery comprises of search, placement, all industries, attributes, objectives.


Another leading and popular ads spy tool available in the market for social media advertising is the Adspy that allows users to create and discover ads of the competitor. Moreover, the strategies running on LinkedIn and Facebook can be known to you. Just flow with the adspy application and uncover all the advertising secrets and a replica of the competitors easily.

Social Ads Tool

Another Facebook Ads management as well as optimization service provider on the web is Social Ads tools. If you want to drive the successful advertising on Facebook then it seems to be a great option for you. All you need to do is configure targets and switch on the engine of optimization. It provides opportunities for setting up an easy campaign and slick generation tools with top-class support. The user gets guided with campaign optimization from the installation of games and e-commerce sites on mobile download geographies. The apps provide a top-notch service due to the amazing tools and other considerations.


The AdSector application is considered one of the highly reliable spy tools that are usually used to generate and create effective and efficient ads. Using the spying tools you will be able to get hundreds of thousands of pages within seconds. The tools basically show working of the internet to create most effective and promising messages and grab potential prospects interest. Real-time checking of status is also possible using the app and you can watch database growing with thousands of ads. It also gives user option for relevance ads searching and filters ads keywords, interest.

AdClarity Display

One of the legit and reliable media intelligence platforms is the AdClarity display which is easily available in the market. Displaying of the advertising ecosystem can be easily unveiled using the application. You get to discover a powerful and successful source that actually gets converted. The best part of the app is that it makes elimination of mistakes simple. Increase the conversions through competitor strategies in marketplace. All the networks get uncovered using the social media ads spying app.


The WhichAdworks application is usually a super simplified and friendly interface one with good filters and designs. For Facebook ads spying it is considered the best app with better platform services for professionals as well as beginners. To get indulged in e-commerce websites and affiliated social media marketing the available option left is this present application. You will be able to filter ads effectively as well as other tracking systems, advertisers, and keywords.


  • Multiple ad galleries
  • User-friendly interface tolls with simple and clear understanding
  • Deep scanning is possible for performance analysis with which works
  • Great tool for a businessman who wants to keep eye on competitors


Another best and reliable option available with ad research is the Adsvisor2. If you are searching for an affordable and reliable spy tool then you may go with advisor2. Make profitable amount of sum with the high professional interface.


Engage with adsvisor and avail all the benefits of the powerful features that are effective and reliable

Free of cost tools

Great platform for professionals and marketers


You can achieve the next level of marketing using the AdFox that are convenient and competitive as per the market norms. You will be able to lead advertisement of Facebook in a few seconds and get yourself logged with specific content searching.


  • Available at affordable cost
  • Provides lots of options
  • You can use tools easily without facing problems


If you wish to get a reliable and trustworthy facebook ads spy tool then choose from the above top ten tools that serve their customer well. Sometimes, you see competitors getting ahead of you and think is there something that can save their business in an easy and simple way. In this regard, the only option left is the above-mentioned spy tools that can really bring outstanding results as per your need and requirement.


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