How to Spy on Your Friend’s Phone (Android & iPhone)

A tutorial on Spying on Friend’s Phone (Android and iPhone)

One of the essential relationships you could ever have is a friendship. Sometimes it hurts most when it breaks. Due to the few reasons or misunderstanding, it may be a break. On the other side, if your friend suddenly breaks the relation with no reason, then you can quickly clarify everything with the help of spying application. In this article, learn about how to hack on your friend’s iPhone or Android. One of the better spy apps is available in the market that is TheTruthSpy app.

A tutorial on Spying on Friend's Phone (Android and iPhone)
A tutorial on Spying on Friend’s Phone (Android and iPhone)

It is a tool that offers various features that help you to spy on a friend’s phone that may be android or iPhone. With the help of this app, you can know everything about your friend like why she or he is cheating on you.

TheTruthSpy app is one of the best spy apps for iPhone and Android, which consists of never ending features. You can download and install this app on the target person’s phone, so you can quickly know about their complete phone activities. Spying app will provide you every detail like history of calls, text messages, real-time location, social media, history of browser, etc.

Start doing spy on friend’s device – (iPhone & Android)

If you need to select the best spy app, then you may face a bit of confusion. Because today there are various spy apps available in the market. But you have to select the best software that offers useful features and tools. So in that case, we recommend TheTruthSpy app that gives you various features and services, and you can also download this software for free. The price of its subscription packages is very reasonable.

For spying on the friend’s phone you should have to register on it, once you are registered on it that you will simply log in to account. The other step is to download TheTruthSpy app on your friend phone.

After installing this app, you can monitor every detail of the SMS, phone calls, social sites, and many more. To monitor all the information and data make sure that your device is connected with the internet.You can download this spy app by hitting this given link: (

Some of the features you get in this app are as follows-


TheTruthSpy app is very reliable application. The number of people using this app by its reliability, and it also offers various functions and tools. This spy application is effortless to hack someone’s phone without letting him know that is the user have not required any kind of special skills or techniques for using this software. Before you make use of this application make sure you read its terms of use and the privacy policy. You can go to its site and read the complete details about this app. you can then start spying on your friend.


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