How to record a Phone Call on your Android phone

Summary: Even though, the present society is stated to be an open society, there is no openness among family members in some families. When there is a doubt with one of the members, spy call recorder application can help.

How to record a Phone Call on your Android phone
How to record a Phone Call on your Android phone

It is true that there can be instances of misunderstanding among family members, particularly when it comes to husband and wife relationships. But, when a husband or wife gets some sort of doubt on the activities of the spouse, even though, some people say that it is better to ask the person directly for clarifications. But, sometimes, this sort of raising doubts directly can lead to more misunderstanding between the family members. On the other hand, if the spouse uses Android Galaxy phone, the other spouse, who have a little doubt about his/her activities can use spy call recorder on Android Galaxy Phone.

How to do this?

If you are a grieving spouse about the activities of your partner, you can use the appropriate application with the help of which you can record the calls made and received by your partner with Android Galaxy phone. This means that you can spy on the conversations that too without the knowledge of your partner. You can actually listen to the conversations made by your partner with different people through his/her phone.

TheTruthSpy can give you the answer:

Yes, as said earlier, you can use spy application and one such excellent application with great features is TheTruthSpy. What can this application do for you? Let us find out:

  • The application can record all calls received and made
  • If you do not want to record all calls received or made through your spouse’s phone, you can just choose specific phone numbers alone for which recording should be done.
  • If you have a computer with internet connection round the clock, you can just visit the control panel of TheTruthSpy to actually listen to the conversations made by your spouse with the specific number that you wanted to record or all numbers.
  • If you do not have continuous net access, you can just download the audio files to your system when you are online and then can listen to them without the requirement of any internet access on your phone or computer.
  • You can get details like date and time of call and duration before deciding on the action. (i.e.) whether to download or listen to the audio file online.

Who can use this application?

It is not necessary that for doubts between partners alone this application should be used. Yes, if you have doubts on any other relationship like among friends, in your kids or your colleague, you can use TheTruthSpy to relieve your worries. Also, if there is nothing wrong, you need not have to create any misunderstanding in the relationship, by asking inappropriate questions to your spouse. On the other hand, if you find that your spouse has another relationship, you can simply avoid continuing your life with her or can ask her directly about what made her look for new relationship.


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