How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages [For Android]

WhatsApp is an essential messenger app. Most of the people use this app for daily communication. Each day, the number of WhatsApp users keeps on increasing.

The reason behind the growing popularity of WhatsApp is that it is very convenient to use. It does not hang or lag. It is an easy-to-use and smooth-working messenger app.

Nowadays, even kids have started using WhatsApp on tablets and iPads. It is not safe for them. While WhatsApp is very useful, there are some people who use this app for bad purposes.

These people blackmail kids and harass them. There are people who share hate messages and create hate. Then, there are child pornographers who trap kids.

Even partners use this app to flirt with other people and cheat on their spouses. Employees use WhatsApp to chat with their friends during work. They also share their company’s secrets with others using WhatsApp.

Because of all these reasons, spying apps are developed. You can use these spying apps to check all the WhatsApp activities. You can read messages and check all the media.

In this article, we will show you how to spy on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Spying

WhatsApp Spying

When you secretly try to get information from someone else’s WhatsApp, it is known as WhatsApp spying. Nowadays, most of the spying apps support WhatsApp spying.

When you use a spying app, you can secretly spy on WhatsApp. You don’t have to worry about getting caught. These apps can be used for spying on other activities as well. You can use it for multiple purposes.

Who should spy on WhatsApp?

There are few people who can spy on WhatsApp. Here is the list of all those people.

  • Self: Out of all the people, you can spy on your own WhatsApp. You can do it to create a backup of all the messages. So if your phone gets lost or if your messages get deleted, you can have a backup of it.
  • Parents: Parents need to spy on their child’s WhatsApp. Parents can do it to know what their child is doing on WhatsApp. It will help them to control their child and keep an eye on them.
  • Spouse: Partners can also spy on their spouse’s WhatsApp. It will help them to know if their partner is cheating on them.
  • Employer: Employers can spy on their employee’s WhatsApp to know how much time they are spending on WhatsApp rather than working. Employers can also protect their trade secrets.

Using an Android Spying App to Spy on WhatsApp

Android Spying App to Spy on WhatsApp

There are many spying apps that you can use to spy on WhatsApp. This type of spying is only possible on Android.

To spy on an Android phone, you have to install the spying app on the phone.

Here, we will show you how to spy on an Android’s WhatsApp.

Sign up

The first step is to sign up. You have to create an account. After you choose the spying app, this is the first step. You need to make sure the spying app is compatible with Android. Once it is clear, you can go to the website to sign up. Enter all your details correctly. You have to generate your login credentials.


In this step, you need to download the WhatsApp spying app. You can try the free WhatsApp spy for Android at


After you have set up the app and connected to your email, you can log in to start spying on WhatsApp. You have to go to the website and log in from there.

WhatsApp Spy

After you reach the account, you can use the WhatsApp spy option to spy on WhatsApp activities.


You can also use the KeyLogger to track the keystrokes used in WhatsApp messages.


This way, you can easily spy on WhatsApp. This method is only suitable for Android.


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