How to track WeChat history
How to track WeChat history

How to track WeChat history- use TheTruthSpy

Social media has become the lifeline of each and every generation. If there are pros then there are corns also of using social media but the impact is so high that no one cares. Everyone is so busy that they are completely forgetting about their existing relationships. Also, the lies have been increased. Cheating has become common. So in this case tracking a suspected mobile phone becomes necessary. WeChat is one of the most prominent social media platform or website that is used by people in everyday life. It is an instant messaging website that allows its users to chat, share multimedia etc.

How to track WeChat history- use TheTruthSpy
How to track WeChat history- use TheTruthSpy

WeChat is used very much by its users. So, there are chances that if you are a parent, then your child might be lying to you. Other than this if you are in a relationship, and then your spouse might be cheating on you. You can also be an employer and suspect that one of your employees is not loyal to you. All these reasons are sufficient to let you track suspect phone.

How to track WeChat history

To Track WeChat history there is a tool called TheTruthSpy. This tool has all the features and benefits that a user wants from spy tools.

  • Step 1: download TheTruthSpy App from the app store using the link
  • Step 2: download it in the target phone also.
  • Step 3: install the app on both devices.
  • Step 4: create an account and log in using the provided credentials.
  • Step 5: after logging in look at the dashboard.
  • Step 6: find WeChat and mark as enable.

So this is the whole step theory of using truth spy to track WeChat. When you enable WeChat on the dashboard it allows you to have complete access over the application. So you will be able to see the present happenings and the past history. Also if there will be some deleted content then you can see that too.

Not only WeChat there are other features also that this app gives you. Some of them are:

  • Location tracker: you can track a person’s live location by using this tool. It provides you with the exact information about the location. So if you want to search the location of a suspected person then this helps you to track the same.
  • Incoming and outgoing calls: not only the messages but the calls can also be tracked. The calls that are coming and the calls that are going, the duration of the calls, if the call is recorded then the content of the call, old call records etc. everything can be known by using this app.
  • Keylogger: this application comes with a keylogger feature that makes the tracking more interesting. With this you can track what is being typed by the suspect at the moment and also if required you can make changes to the same. Keylogger allows you to look through each and every data that is present in the suspect phone.

So in this way TheTruthSpy app makes tracking simple and efficient. So download it now enjoy tracking!


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