How to hack WhatsApp from another phone
How to hack WhatsApp from another phone

Best way to hack WhatsApp from another phone

A popular messaging platform, WhatsApp, is getting famous day by day across all the countries of the world. Billions and billions are users are getting in touch with it daily. It is not ordinary messaging applications as it allows users to make voice or video call via it. So, in all its allow a user to perform multiple things without downloading any other application. New versions and features are including in its list to attract more users and will enable the user to do multiple things with one single app.

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It runs on every device, and thus everyone can use this application. What all it offers? It let you send messages without any text message service that operator provides. It allows you to share your media files. It let you make a video call without charging any extra fees. Voice calls can also be made with it without charging the call rate. It poses many benefits and thus saves money.

Best way to hack WhatsApp from another phone
Best way to hack WhatsApp from another phone

However, as its users are growing, many users are trying to hack other’s account. Although WhatsApp has latest security features, it can also be traced by using few techniques. Today, we will reveal the methods to track WhatsApp with another device. There are many ways to do so, but we have introduced only three ways to do so. All of them are simple, and you can perform them easily. These methods are not technical, and thus if you follow the steps properly, you can hack WhatsApp.

So, let’s began with the methods to hack WhatsApp from another phone

3 Methods to hack WhatsApp from another phone
3 Methods to hack WhatsApp from another phone

Method 1- MAC spoofing

Media access control, i.e., MAC is an address of the network adapter. It is a unique address of 12 characters given to the device. The address is used to identify the device. Using it, one can easily track the WhatsApp account of other users.

Method 1- MAC spoofing
Method 1- MAC spoofing

So, you know what you need to hack your friend’s WhatsApp account. Get their MAC address and follow these steps in order:

  1. Uninstall WhatsApp

Remove the application from your device. At the end of the method, you can re-install the application. Do it carefully.

  1. Get the target’s cell phone

It is the necessary step, and without performing it, you cannot move further. Get it anyhow, give any excuse or get it when they are not nearby the device. If your friend permits you to access their device, then it will easy to follow the further steps. But if not, then you have to wait for the right moment.

  1. Locate the address

Find the address of the device. But if you don’t know how it looks then here is an example- 01:53:22:54:78:cb. The address varies, and it can be different from the other device. To look for the MAC address of different devices, use these steps:

Android – settings> go to “about phone”> status> look in WI-FI MAC address

iPhone – go to settings> general> about> look for the address

Windows phone- follows the same steps but look for the more info for the address

Blackberry- options> go to device> status info> look for WLAN MAC

  1. Find your address

Get your address and note it down or save it somewhere because you will need it in for future.

  1. Alter MAC address

Alter the address, and your device will look similar to that of your friend.

  1. Install WhatsApp

Now as the address is altered, install the WhatsApp. Enter the phone number of your friend. You will now start receiving their messages.

  1. Get confirmation code

One last time you will need the second device. Get the code and use it to successfully login to the account. Delete the message of the code.

  1. Change address

Change the address of your device with its original one. You will require the address that you have recorded and follow the steps as you did before to change the address.

Follow these eight simple steps and don’t miss even a single step. If you find this technique difficult then try the other one.

Method 2- spy software

One of the easiest methods is to download the spy software. This software is highly promoted in the market, and many spy software is in the store. Use the genuine spy app. It is a foolproof solution for WhatsApp monitoring. This method also needs the access of target device. So, before you begin, get access to the phone. You can ask for it if you are doing it just for fun purpose otherwise takes it secretly.

Method 2- spy software
Method 2- spy software

Before you download any app, consider these factors:

  • Its Purpose
  • It’s efficiency
  • Its detectability

We don’t want to do this hectic task of searching the right app thus here is a genuine application. TheTruthSpy is one of you that fits right for all your need. Download it from the official store You may have to install it on your as well on the other device. Install it by following the correct procedure given on the site. The process is simple. Do what it asks for? It will need your credentials like name, contact to create a new ID. Login with the credentials from the dashboard and enter into their account. Look what they do on WhatsApp, and you can even hide the icon of TheTruthSpy.

Method 3- scans QR code

Method 3- scans QR code
Method 3- scans QR code

WhatsApp runs on both mobile and desktop version. You can use the desktop version to hack their account. Go to settings> click on desktop version> open WhatsApp website on PC> scan the QR code. Follow them, and the desktop version of WhatsApp will open on PC. Now you can see their messages, photos, and other details. All the updates and the latest activity are done on their account will be informed to you on the desktop version.

This method is applicable only when you have permission to access the device. If not then this method is not going to work in any way. However, you can get the device through other ways, and it depends on your capability.

So, all the three methods are best. But how effectively you can perform them depends on your ability. But if you ask others that what they will prefer then the only answer is the second method. It is because TheTruthSpy is the popular application for monitoring WhatsApp. It is safe and undetectable. Therefore, many users rely on it instead of using the rest of the methods. So, the recommended option is TheTruthSpy.

Let’s get deep into the introduction of TheTruthSpy. Here you will learn about its features and the benefits that it offers.

What is TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy A spying software is in the industry for long. It offers at least 25+ features to monitor your kids, employees or spouse. The users widely love its free trial version. You can use this software for free, but there is a period specified for the free usage. One you are confirmed by its working method and services, you can buy it. It is not costly and thus many users are opting for it. It also offers plan so that every user can enjoy its different features. Pay for your plan and enjoy features that you have chosen.

Once the subscription plan gets over, renew it to continue using its services. The entire process from download to renew the plan is simple. But in case of any problem, the support team is available all time. It ensures that none of the users remain unsatisfied and its review has proven that it works.

With iPhone:
With Android:

Features of WhatsApp Hacking TheTruthSpy

Features of WhatsApp Hacking TheTruthSpy
Features of WhatsApp Hacking TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy has many features as said above, so here are they.

  • Ambient recording
  • Social chat monitoring
  • Hack Instant messages
  • Spy call
  • Hack Multimedia files
  • Track phone’s location
  • Track text messages
  • Track browser history
  • Block applications and many more……

To give you an insight of these features, here some of them are explained.

Ambient recording- what its use?

It is used to listen to surrounding voices. This particular feature is very useful especially if you are trying to know about the surroundings. In most of the cases when the suspect lies about its current location then you can either use it or GPS tracker. Turn on it and hear their ongoing conversations.

Social chat monitoring

It hacks the IM services. All the social account of the user like WhatsApp, Facebook, or Skype can be tracked instantly. It thus provides the solution for every hacking need. Users don’t have to download other application to hack the particular account. One in all, TheTruthSpy is designed to give their customer an easy way to perform multiple tasks.

All activities like call, messages, and shared files will be directly sent to your device. It works in real time, and thus the user will never be devoid of any information.

Hack multimedia files

TheTruthSpy can hack photos and videos of the device. It can capture the photos from the device camera without the user’s knowledge. All the documents will be sending to you as per your command. Look for the pictures that you want to share or delete. Yes, you can manipulate multimedia files. Share, save or delete them.

Browser history

The history of the web browser can also be tracked. It will help you in knowing what the user search over the internet. It is the great way to track the browsing behavior of the children or employees. If you find them wrong, then take necessary actions to stop them using the internet for the wrong purpose.

Block applications

Many new and fascinating applications are designed. Not all are useful especially for kids. Some hurt their privacy while others let them do wrong tasks. Some enhance their knowledge while some make them addicted to the gaming application. Some are free while others are not. But most of them are free and widely used. Who knows which application your kids or employees are using. It is because the safety features offered by phone let them hide those applications. Especially The dating applications are not the right one for your kids. Maybe your spouse is using it to find the romantic partner if he/she is bored with you.

It indicates that your relationship is at stake but how will you find that. TheTruthSpy will tell you. You can even block them and cut their further conversation with them. Thus, it can be a lifesaver. It’s true in cases when your loved ones are in problem. It can trace their place, and you can easily reach there to save them.

A brilliant and trustworthy application is TheTruthSpy. You will never need any second spy application once you have it.

What are its benefits

You have learned what it is, how it works, its features and steps to install. But one thing that can surely make you purchase it is its benefits. These are as follows:

Catch cheating spouse– your partner can no longer lie to you, and all their disloyal actions can revel in few minutes. It will save your future and help in regaining the lost relationship as well.

Catch cheating employees – company runs on loyalty and hard work, and any imbalance in it can cause huge loss. You can prevent your business information from the competitors who might be trying to seek the details through illegal ways. Employees monitoring is essential for you and thus install truthspy on every device of your company. Track what they do there and if found illegal activity then fires them.

Monitor kids– kids can sometimes do the wrong activity over the internet. Their phone may contain the contacts and messages of those who are unknown to you. Being parents, you should ensure that they don’t come in contact with any wrong person. It is, therefore, necessary to download truthspy and hide it.

So, in the article, we have informed you various ways to hacking whatsapp account. As the conclusion, we can say that the best among rest of the method is using spy software. You know which one you have to prefer. Truthspy, why you need it and what can you do with it is also explained. So, readers, it’s time to try it and keep your family protected.

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