2 Ways to Turn Old Phone into Spy Camera (with Tutorial)

Learn 2 ways to turn an old phone into spy camera (with tutorial)

Shadowing on another guy like kids, spouse, friend, and employee is something that is filled up of with greater challenges. It is no more you only that is thinking and questioning the same. Many people are in search of the right answer to this question. The reason is not specific for using 2 ways to turn the old device into a spy camera.

Learn 2 ways to turn an old phone into spy camera (with tutorial)
Learn 2 ways to turn an old phone into spy camera (with tutorial)

We are here with this post to tell you the 2 effective ways you can use for spying on a target person. A user only needs an old device. If any old device is simply lying into your drawer, you can surely make the best use of that and accomplish the tasks. We will explain the simple ways to turn an old device in a spy camera. Without thinking much, start learning about it.

Learn about the 2 ways to turn the old phone in a spy camera

Way 1: TheTruthSpy

Way 1: TheTruthSpy
Way 1: TheTruthSpy

You only know for what reason you are using the old device as a hidden spy camera. Many ways are available that one can use for turning the phone into a spy camera and spy on target person activities in real-time. In case of a spouse is consistently cheated for no reason or in case your children are doing mischievous too much or employee activities are doubtful then spying becomes compulsory here.

TheTruthSpy is the best monitoring tools that are safer to use and it functions on all leading operating system remotely. The tool is available with the facility of free trial that will help one to decide how good the tool is. The best thing is that the application is easy to use and once it is successfully setup into the target person phone it secretly collects the details and shares at the application online dashboard.

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In what cases turning an old phone into a spy camera becomes a need

To catch the dishonest spouse- This is one of the most common situations when a partner like a wife or a husband is forced to spy on their respective partners. The application is useful at figuring out the exact reason for the cause of too much space in between the partner.  It will tell why the partner is not focusing on you or why he is not dedicated anymore. The reason could be he or she has found any other partner and is in a relationship. He/she don’t want to be in a relationship with you anymore so he started avoiding you and don’t want to live with you anymore.

Parents- The parents are using this technique to keep an eye on their children so that the activities can be monitored when children are not with them.  Thus parents can see where they move and with whom they spare the time, what talks they do and media they stores and shares etc. All possible cellular actions can be known with greater conveniences.

These are the two major reasons when turning the old device into a spy camera becomes a must.

Features to the spy tool

  • Call logs viewing Viewing call logs will allow a hacker to find out with whom the suspect is commuting so far and on the topic, the discussion is done. The call logs details like made calls, deleted calls, received calls, missed calls, etc. If kids are found being blackmailed or threatened, the right action can be taken faster. The spouse doing love talks on phone calls, with evidence a proper step can be taken into action.
  • Spy on text messages All messages done on instant messaging applications like Viber, WeChat, Facebook messenger, Skype is readable easily when on access TheTruthSpy app. The application will trace the content of the messages with date, time, location, etc. This creates all doubts easily very well.
  • Location tracking The tracking of real-time location movements are done quite easily. It will allow a target to see where he or she has moved throughout the day. The details of the present location and previous location will let anyone spying on the phone to clear the location doubts of a suspect.
  • Seeing multimedia file spy- The saved multimedia files such as videos, screenshots, GIFs, photos, images, etc will be seen. The media files are easy to download and saved so that as a piece of proof it can be used later on.

Features tool to be a reliable option

  • Good reviews- On the site of the app a user will find many positive reviews that state how better the app is. All satisfied and happy users have provided reviews that are increasing the value of it into the market.
  • Compatibility- The application is easy to set up on any leading OS such as iOS and Android. This allows don’t let a user search for another tool as per OS.
  • Good customer service- The experts are there that is always ready to help a user when is trapped in trouble while using it. You can access them anytime and get guidance.
  • Untraceable- The app as works in a hidden mode allows you to stay far away from getting tracked by target doing phone tracking. Therefore it is easy and safer to use.

If you are interested in using TheTruthSpy then download and install the app from the official site (https://thetruthspy.com) to the old device. Create a user account and connect the target phone by providing target phone right information. To monitor the target person activities hit on camera option and keep full surveillance on it.

Way 2: Alfred

Way 2: Alfred
Way 2: Alfred

Using this is a lot easier, simply install and activate the app on your device that you want to turn into a spy camera. Begin monitoring other phones through it. Alfred is having own browser interface that is compatible with Chrome and Firefox browser. To use it, register yourself using email on Alfred platform. Install the app on the device that is to be turned as a spy camera. Sign to the account within the tool and choose the camera option to begin monitoring.


These are the 2 ways that will turn your phone into a spy camera tool.


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