There has been the emergence of many applications and social networking sites since the past decade. These have been the boosters of socialization throughout the globe. These apps and sites have been in use so widely that these are now prone to security. Because of frequent chats and exchange of much personal information, it is imperative to ensure safety. Some mobile dating apps like Tinder are also in use these days. However, this app works along with Facebook. This is not acceptable sometimes. Therefore people tend to look out for ways to use Tinder without Facebook.

The Link between Tinder and Facebook

A Tinder account works with the Facebook account of the user. Tinder usually connects to Facebook to fetch out the account details of the users to keep a watch on the various activities. This is however not liked by the users as they do not want to disclose that they are using Tinder. There are many Facebook friends for an individual, and this fact sometimes needs to be hidden therefore they look out for different ways to which they can continue being users of Tinder without notifying it on their Facebook account.

Some ways for you

If you want to use Tinder without Facebook then you usually have limited ways to implement it. However, this content may help you in a better way. These are some ways through which you can prevent Tinder from connecting to your Facebook account:

Tighten up the Privacy Settings: In case people find someone on Tinder whom they like then they can search for their names on Facebook. Your Facebook settings should be such which do not allow non-friends to access your personal information. This may lead to an uncomfortable phone call to you and also misuse of your personal information.

Create a Facebook account separately for Tinder: You may create a separate Facebook account to be used by Tinder. This is however not a right option, and Facebook would never appreciate this. But this can save your personal information from getting leaked and get into the hand of any strangers.

Settings on Tinder: You may change the Tinder settings as per your requirement. This will prevent the site from showing the names of those friends with whom you have mutual friends on Facebook. This is an appropriate and better option for you to maintain privacy.

Can other Apps Help in This?

If you search throughout the web, there can be many such apps which let you enjoy the benefit of using Tinder without Facebook. However, they are just going to work on the privacy settings of your account. But they will be able to do this in a better way than manually by a person. Therefore using a good app for this can be the safest option of moving forward. This way you will be able to ensure privacy and also use Tinder without any fear.

These tips may prove to be of great use for you if you are using Tinder too. Therefore stay aware about your personal; details and prevent them from being misused.


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