Nowadays it’s hard to find out a person who doesn’t use any app or any social media. And for the teens, it is fun. As a parent, you try to save your child from any kind of dangers coming from any online application. And the trickiest part is you can’t keep your child away from the use of the online application. There are thousands of apps and applications available online. If you try one, then your child will shift to another. So it’s hard to escape the attraction of the use of the online application.

Every year a huge number of apps are emerging from various organizations and the teenagers are addicted to those. Through those applications, they share their secrets, anxieties, and even their crushes. This increases the use of smartphones and other mobile devices. The negative side of the use is to share private information with the wrong people. Even acquiring false or wrong information through those applications is also a serious issue.

Facts about Tumblr: One such app is Tumblr. You can take it as an app or as a website that helps users to share photos, videos, texts, links and more. Some consider it as a blog also because users can share their views and can post photos and videos. And the key feature is anyone can make them public to share them. It is now used as a popular network. It is different from other social networks because it provides more opportunities to the users to share more items than other social networks.

Concerns regarding the use of Tumblr: Tumblr is used as a platform to express your thoughts and it works like other social media platform. And the teenagers use it to share their anxiety and private information.

  • Sometimes they even don’t know what they should share and what they shouldn’t. And this actually creates an unsafe atmosphere. For the teenagers, it is a free zone, where nobody even the parents can’t interfere.
  • But the matter of concern is this social platform hosts so many things that are not good or safe for your kids or the teenagers. Your teenage son or daughter can view explicit content or adult content through this platform.
  • The intensive use of websites can expose your children to porn content. And finding pornography is a common fact.
  • Adult content posting on Tumblr is a common fact nowadays. And these contents are so harmful to the teenagers, that sometimes they become sick mentally and physically. Even they perform uncommon activities. As Tumblr is taken as a public blog, so it is not possible to restrict the blog.
  • One major concern is there is no tool to verify the age limit to use this blog. Anyone can say he or she is above 13 years of age, and can be the user of this blog.
  • Teenagers are immature, and they don’t know properly what content they should not share with others. Sometimes they reveal that information that should not be shared. This actually puts in danger the privacy.

Solution: You can talk to your children about the bad effects of the use of this website or app. Or you can use apps like TheTruthSpy to follow your teenage son and daughter so that you can protect them from any kind of problems.


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