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Call Tracker: How to track on Call logs with best call tracker

Cell phones these days have become our best friends. It has not been very long since they have replaced our dear personal diaries and became one of the most personal possessions of people. Today, we have our all the personal details over cell phones. They carry your bio data, details of all your professional and personal life, details about your friends and family and whatnot. It is said that if you want to know anything about the personal life of a person, all you need is to have their cell phone. The smartphones which are available today have thousands of uses and applications. Where accessibility to social platforms and internet is one thing, their calling facility cannot be ignored as well.

Calling is the very important feature of cell phones. People can connect throughout the world with whomever they want within a fraction of second with the help of phone calls. With the advancement of technology and better networks, both national an international calls have become very easy. However, there are people who take advantage of this feature and carry out socially unfair and unjust things to deceive others through phone calls. If you too are in doubt that your loved or close one is taking unjust advantage of their cell phones and has been hiding phone calls from you then you may take the help of various call tracking methods available today.

What are call trackers

Call trackers are software or application that can help you find out all the calling details of some other person instantly. These are mobile based applications that have to be installed on the phone of the suspected person and then you can know about all the calling details of the person along with the required call recordings as well. With the increasing need of tracking phone calls, various phone call tracking applications have come up. The best call trackers provide different other features to you making your call tracking experience the best one.

The best call tracker and its need

The best call tracker and its need

With the launch of so many applications in the market, it has become very confusing for the newcomers to choose the best application among them. Though there are many ways with which you can track the phone calls of a person through hacking their phones. However, it may involve a lot of coding which cannot be understood by everyone. Therefore using the call tracker applications is the best choice. They are easy to use, understandable and give quick results too. Be it an elderly person or a housewife, this application can be used by everyone.

To avail all the advantage of these call tracker applications, it is important that you choose the best one among them. TheTruthSpy is one of the leading applications which are known to track all the phone calls and give you each and every detail about all the calls that have been made or received. The best part about TheTruthSpy is that it offers a wide range of other features that will help a person throughout in clearing out their doubts and leading a happy and doubt free life. The services that it extends to their clients are something different from other applications. It provides all the best services at the least cost and with best results.

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Call Tracker: How to track on Call logs with TheTruthSpy

Call Tracker How to track on Call logs with TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy an excellent call tracker application with features that you will hardly find with any other similar looking application. It gives you all the information about the calling details of a person’s phone. Here are some of the features that you will get with TheTruthSpy as a call tracker application:

  • Call recording– this is one of the best features that TheTruthSpy provides with. You can record the call that has been made or received by a person instantly and can save it on your online portal for later reference. It also provides the facility of live call recording where you can secretly listen as well as record any ongoing call in the real time.
  • Access to call logs– you can access the call logs of the suspect without letting them know. All the calls that have been made and received can be known by you along with their full information like their number, date and time of calls as well as the duration of calls.
  • Access to contact list– you can also have access to the contact diary of the suspect and can look whomever they are talking to and fetch out the other details of the other person as well. Details might include, contact number, WhatsApp number, email address and the resident address of the person as well.

Other features of the TheTruthSpy application

Other than the above-given features of TheTruthSpy application comes with a lot of other features that will take your spying experience to another level. Here is the list of all the features that you will get with TheTruthSpy.

  • SMS tracker– SMS is another great feature of mobile phones that has been helping people in transferring information and confidential things that people do not want to discuss things on call. You can track all the messages that the person has received or sent and can save the messages on the online portal as well. You can read the messages and get the details when the message has been sent and to whom it has been sent.
  • Ambient listening– this is one of the unique features that TheTruthSpy provides to its clients. This feature lets you listen make a fake call to the suspect and once that fake call is attended, you can listen to all the activities that are going around the suspect. You can make out by the name that ambient listening lets you listen to the ambience of a person like birds chirping, conversation going on in the room etc.
  • WhatsApp spy– with this feature, you can spy on all the WhatsApp messages of a person irrespective of the fact that they are hidden or not. Other than WhatsApp, this feature lets you track the messages of all the messaging applications. Other than this, you can also save all the audios, videos and other media that the suspect has been sharing over WhatsApp.
  • Location tracking TheTruthSpy provides you one of the best GPS tracking unit and gives you the exact location of the suspect. The location tracking is helpful in knowing the whereabouts of the suspect. This spying application provides you the exact location of a map so that you can have the better understanding of the location. Other than this TheTruthSpy also keep you notified of the location change of the suspect.
  • Internet activity monitor– if you think that the suspect is up with something fishy with the internet, you can also track all their internet activities with the help of TheTruthSpy. The internet activities and all the browser history can be accessed by you. This will help you in knowing what the person has been watching over the internet.
  • Notifications and alerts– this is one of the most helpful features of TheTruthSpy. It helps you keep alert and up with the updates about the suspect. If there is any change in the activity of the suspect like the change in location, a new message a missed phone call and other things like this. The alerts and notification do not let you miss even a single detail about the important activities of a person.
  • Remote control– the best part about TheTruthSpy is that it is totally safe and remote. The suspect will never come to know about the presence of this application on their mobile phones as it is very stable and hideable. This feature allows you to track all the activities of the suspect without letting them know.
  • Track the usage of application– TheTruthSpy is helpful in various ways to people but this feature is specifically helpful for the teen parents. With the help of this feature, you can track what application is being used by your kid the most. This will help you limit or restrict the usage of the application which is unwanted or dangerous for the mental health of the child.
  • View the multimedia files– you can also keep an eye on all the multimedia files that are saved in the suspect’s phone. The files like camera pictures, downloaded media, audios, music, videos, movies, documents and all the other such files can be accessed by you. You will be notified when there is any change in the media like when a file is deleted or added to the media.

Along with these prominent features there are various other advantages that you will get with the TheTruthSpy application. They will help you make your tracking and spying easy and safe. The user interface of this application is better and clear than others that make it very understandable to people of all the languages and age groups. If you are suspecting your loved ones activities then TheTruthSpy is a must have for you.

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For whom is this application helpful

Ax good thing about TheTruthSpy is that it is a multipurpose tracking application. It is not meant for a single use but caters to the different needs of different people. The number of features provided by this application makes it very convenient for everyone to use it for whatever purpose they want. However, the most genuine use of these applications can be divided into three to four categories. People use it for monitoring their employee activities for better efficiency in the organization. It is also used by the concerned parents to keep an eye in their teen kids so that they do not indulge in unwanted and dangerous cyber web. TheTruthSpy is very commonly used by the spouses who doubt their partners to be cheating on them. Other than this people also use this application to keep an eye on their elderly parents to ensure their safety and good health.

Who can you get the TheTruthSpy app in your phone

Who can you get TheTruthSpy app in your phone

The process to install and set up this application is very easy. All you have to do is to follow the below given steps and you are all set to use the TheTruthSpy app. The steps to install this application are:

  • The very first step is to download the application into your phone. You will also have to download the application into the suspects mobile to carry out the tracking activities. This application can be hidden so do not forget to hide it after downloading.
  • The next step is to set up the account on your device. Once you have downloaded the application into the mobile you will then have to make an account on the online portal of this application so that all the information and data like the call recording and images that you save are stored in that portal. This is a necessary step and you cannot miss out on it.
  • Once the set up is done and the application is installed, you are all set to use the application. You will get help from the customer support center of TheTruthSpy in case of any bug in the application or any query.

The customer support service is open 24 hours in TheTruthSpy. In case you are facing any major problem or are not satisfied with the working of the app, you will be getting guaranteed money back within 30 days of the complaint. Also TheTruthSpy charges very affordable rates against the number of features it provides. To know more about this application and to purchase it you can visit and get all information needed.

The TheTruthSpy supports all the operating systems and smartphones. No matter whether you are an iPhone user or an android lover, they have application suited for your operating system as well as the device. Therefore, if you are feeling a pinch of a doubt on anyone or are worried about the security of your loved one, TheTruthSpy is a must use as it will give you the best spying experience of your life.