It is truly a matter of great concern that most of the children today use many anonymous apps. They use those apps only to enjoy the fun. Most of the anonymous apps are the apps, which help you to post messages and receive messages without identifying the person on the other end. Now anonymous app is good for those persons who use it for entertaining only, and for short time social involvement. Now you can use these apps for good reasons, but it is dangerous when bad people are using it to serve their wrong purpose.

Now it is truly a matter of concern for the parents when they come to know that their kids are using these dangerous anonymous apps and they are communicating with some bad persons. But the fact is how the parents can identify this fact? It is necessary for the parents to protect their children from any kind of bad impact. With the extensive use of the anonymous apps, there can be a great chance such bad impact. Now to know the truth that whether your children are using the anonymous apps, the best way is to use the spy apps. There are several spy apps, and among them, The Truth Spy app is one of the most popular apps. You have to buy this app in order to install it on your phone.

Now there are several anonymous apps that are very dangerous.

Among them three most dangerous apps are:

  • Yik Yak: This app is a great dangerous anonymous app, which shares test messages only. You can post a text message with maximum 200 characters. And your message can be viewed by the 500 members or the Yakkers. Now it is said that those 500 persons must be the closest persons of the users. Now it is difficult to identify who is actually the closest person of the sender of the text. The biggest problem with this app is most of the times this app is mainly used to share sexually explicit things. Even this app is used for personal attack also. So it is clear that this app is truly dangerous for your children. With The Truth Spy, you can enter into the phone of another person and can gather information about the use of these apps.
  • fm: This is one of the most extensively used networking sites. This social networking site is very famous among the kids. Actually, through this site you can establish communication with the question and answer interaction. Now the biggest problem is you can’t understand the true identity of the person on the other side. That means you are interacting with an anonymous person whom you don’t know at all. Most of the times kids use this site to ask derogatory questions. Truly, this is a great matter of concern.
  • Whisper: This is also an anonymous app, and through this app, one can manipulate text messages or photos. And any person can use this app and post any bad pictures or vulgar messages without being identified. As the users of this app can hide the true identities, so it is truly dangerous for the kids. Because the kids can use it to exploit another kid using manipulated pictures and messages.

Now with the help of The Truth Spy, you can easily track the phones of your children and can see whether they are using this app or not.


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